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The World's Weirdest Places - Book Review

Posted: 5/7/2013 8:54:29 PM   Reads: 646   Submitted By:Lee Brickley   Category: Mysterious Phenomena   Source: www.theconspiracyreview.com
Paranormal windows are an increasingly common theory used to explain sightings pertaining to supernatural phenomena witnessed in a condensed environment. If you dig deep enough, most places in the world have their own monster myths and legends, this is widely accepted, but thanks to the endlessly intriguing “wizard of weirdness”, you no longer need a $3,000 aeroplane ticket to learn about them – not for the top 25 at least! Beginning in the world famous “Bermuda Triangle”, Nick takes the reader on a fascinating journey into some of what he regards as the strangest places on earth. From the Berwyn mountains in Wales where it is claimed an ancient fish monster resides, to more recognisable locations like Roswell New Mexico, famous for the …. well, I’m sure you remember - this is surly Redfern at his best.

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