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A Case Of Time Travel?

Posted: 4/6/2013 9:02:05 PM   Reads: 837   Submitted By:Medieval   Category: Time Travel   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com
A few weeks ago, I received an interesting inquiry referencing an incident that occurred in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland in June 1992. The information was forwarded by a now-retired attorney who continues to live in the area. At the time of the incident, he (who I will refer to as MB) had a private practice with several offices in the Baltimore / Washington DC metro area. He also provided pro bono legal services for the State of Maryland, particularly representing clients with mental disabilities. Since receiving the first email, I had 2 more conversations with MB...which were recorded with his permission. I am going to write his allegory as it was given to me...the resulting statement was approved by MB. Many of the specific and personal details will not be included for MB's confidentiality and privacy.

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