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Suffolk County, NY: Hotbed for UFOs and Other Strange Phenomena

Posted: 3/2/2013 9:08:13 PM   Reads: 461   Submitted By:Medieval   Category: UFOs   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com
Suffolk County, Long Island, NY has quite a history of UFO activity and other odd occurences. These incidents include the 1992 Southaven Park, Long Island UFO crash and the mysterious location where the Montauk Project was conducted...supposed experiments in mind manipulation, alien technology and time travel. In December 1993 there were a series of triangular-shaped UFOs spotted in the Smithtown, NY area, though the media never covered these incidents. Also, one of the flying ray-shaped cryptids encounters that I have been reporting on for several years also occurred in Hampton Bay, NY. We can't forget the infamous Plum Island...a small island off the Long Island coast where the U.S. Government once studied dangerous animal diseases, as well as other nefarious experiments according to witnesses. The island was put up for sale in 2010.

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