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Wanda Kay! Bobby Mackey's America's Most Haunted Nightclub Tonight at 8pm EST

Posted: 2/5/2013 10:03:56 AM   Reads: 783   Submitted By:Mackie2   Category: Ghosts   Source: www.blogtalkradio.com
This show will be archived as all My shows are if you can't make it. This is the Ultimate for all Paranormal fans. Bobby Mackey's is haunted with an unknown amount of Ghosts, we will be talking about everything that goes on there and the history. Wanda Kay is known in both the Entertainment and the Paranormal World. She has been involved with the Paranormal since the age of six. Wanda Kay is now the Tour Director, Coordinator and Tour Guide at Bobby Mackey’s...The Most haunted Night Club In America! It’s located in Wilder Kentucky. She has been there since 2004. She has written two books on the subject; “I BELIEVE IN PARANORMAL THINGS” and “WICKED THEY WALK The TOUR GUIDES BOOK.” At present time Wanda has spent countless hours totaling over thousands each year, walking people through the HAUNTED night club and telling the history of the site back to the 1600’s. She has seen many strange things and has had countless first hand Paranormal Experiences that she has shared in her books and on several T.

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