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Edward Dimond, Marblehead Psychic

Posted: 11/18/2012 12:18:46 PM   Reads: 880   Submitted By:BettyEverdene   Category: Ancient Mysteries   Source: patriciagoodwin.blogspot.com
According to the legends of Marblehead, Massachusetts, old seer and psychic Edward Dimond climbed Burial Hill and projected his voice hundreds of miles in raging storms to help the town's fishing vessels in trouble. The men on board, again, according to legend, heard Ed’s voice shouting instructions to them, probably recognizing his voice as that of a wise and trusted neighbor, jumped to, and following his every command, saved themselves and their ship. This blog post explores the author's search to better understand Edward Dimond's psychic ability. The author's book, When Two Women Die, also explores other Marblehead legends, including The Screeching Woman, who was dragged ashore and killed by pirates in 1690. If you've ever been to Marblehead, there's something very old about the town that makes you believe these legends are absolutely true.

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