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Paranormal Addiction

Posted: 9/6/2012 5:43:44 PM   Reads: 746   Submitted By:Rainbow AL   Category: General   Source: www.paranormaladdiction.net
Paranormal Addiction, The facebook group which has become more than just your average facebook group, from a Radio Show to a comic strip the World of Paranormal Addiction now introduces a website as a front cover for an addiction only the members can control. Paranormal Addiction was created in July 2011 by David Childers, and Alex Cooper, (better known as Rainbow Al) combinding the USA with the UK the facebook group soon took off and became a popular page to visit due to it's relaxed and humorous content directed to ALL those with an interest in the Paranormal. The logo and art work was kindly created by PA member and graphic designer Rob Hood, As the group grew with it's strong army of admins behind the scenes, one member of the group stood out from the rest showing much passion and commitment when it came to promoting and helping run Paranormal Addiction, this person was Tammie McCourt, better known as T. As soon as the group reached over 500 members the launch of the internet Radio show, known as

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