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A rare occurrence, once every 36 months there is a “blue Moon.” A blue moon refers to one month having Not one but 2 full moons in that same month! This August 2012, this happens. The 2 full moons are on the August 1st and August 31st . Jolie DeMarco (owner of My Flora Aura) channels messages from spirit guides. Jolie received a special message for everyone to read in January 1st 2012 (for you numerology folks that’s 1/01/12) . She channeled a painting from Galileo, the Light ones, Star ones, EROM, St. Germain, Atlantean Ancestors, Navaho and Archangel Raphael:. “Birth of the new World- 2 moons will come 2012. Future—the future will be ‘enhanced.’ Changes will occur and Love and Light will change the world. The blood red sky will come; stars will shine past the eclipse of the moon.” Excerpt from the book “The 2nd Big Shift-beyond 2012 “ Jolie did some research on this channel with a friend. Since the painting had 2 blue moons that are up in the top right corner of the canvas, she wanted to see if

Posted: 7/28/2012 6:56:28 PM   Reads: 1329   Submitted By: flowers   Source: www.the2ndbigshift.com Category: Prophecy

Category: Prophecy