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SPITSA is the acronym for Supernatural Paranormal Investigation Team of South Africa, with headquarters in based in Johannesburg. The group was established in April 2008 by the two principal members, Tracey Johnson (Founder,) Mitch Tuba (Co Founder,) and Technical Manager. Spitsa is proudly South African. The core mission of the group is to conduct paranormal investigations on request and to document all these findings, analyze such and to present these findings to the client in an unbiased, unaltered format whereby a conclusive decision can be reached as to whether the site investigated is in fact haunted, experiences paranormal activity, ghosts /spirits, unexplained activity or neither. Our findings are published on our website, unless the client wishes not to do so. Confidentiality is extremely important to Spitsa, and we will do what it takes to honor the wishes of all our clients. Spitsa adopts a scientific approach to all investigations. This means that any allegations of paranormal/unexplaine

Posted: 7/24/2013 5:12:09 AM   Reads: 1640   Submitted By: SPITSA   Source: www.spitsa.co.za Category: Ghosts

Category: Ghosts