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Back in the late ’90s, I was asked to pen a book of folklore about Appalachia. I opted instead to create my own tales based on local myths and legends, stories I came to learn during my time as a police reporter for The Register-Herald newspaper in Beckley. That book is pure myth, a tongue-in-cheek tombful of creepy tales and spooky superstitions. Everyone knows it’s pure fantasy. That’s half the fun. But some other legends are much more closely grounded in the soil of West Virginia culture. Maybe you haven’t heard such tales. Perhaps you’re planning a trip to this great state. Well, folks, you have been warned. What follows is the top five supernatural monsters you may encounter in West Virginia. My advice? Educate yourself. Speak kindly to the folks you meet. And stick to the road.

Posted: 4/3/2014 10:57:59 PM   Reads: 701   Submitted By: jmoore   Source: wvexplorer.com Category: Cryptozoology

Category: Cryptozoology
The Travel Channel ranks two West Virginia landmarks among the most haunted in the U.S., but ghost hunters know there are many more. The following five are favorites of Jason Burns and Jonathan Moore, who are among the state’s best known purveyors of the paranormal.

Posted: 3/21/2014 10:14:09 AM   Reads: 671   Submitted By: jmoore   Source: wvexplorer.com Category: Ghosts

Category: Ghosts