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A crew of young filmmakers is looking at Icelandic ghost stories through a different lens. Weird stuff started happening to them when shooting reenactments of actual ghost stories, one in particular. "When Esther went to pick up the film equipment before shooting the Jóka story, her car began to shake so badly that she was forced to pull over and visit a mechanic. He performed a full diagnostic check and found nothing wrong with the car. Furthermore, when the crew took off to film the Jóka story, all three of the cars they were using broke down. Esther took her car to another mechanic who, again, could not find anything wrong with the vehicle. As soon as the crew was done filming Jóka, all of her car issues stopped." Walkers is a documentary that will show the uniqueness of the Icelandic walking corpses. Four ghost stories have already been reenacted and filmed on their places of origin but now they ask the public to help us finish filming interviews and do the after work. Futher: (English belo

Posted: 11/27/2013 5:51:01 PM   Reads: 617   Submitted By: DontPanicYouth   Source: grapevine.is Category: Ghosts

Category: Ghosts