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Did Italian astronaut Cristoforetti see a UFO on the ISS? In footage of the Futura docking she can be heard exclaiming "oh god". A few moments prior to her exclaiming "oh god" a fast moving UFO is clearly visible. She was reported by italian news to have seen something "almost alien". She has gone on to comment about what she saw on her blog. Her direct quote...

Posted: 12/13/2014 6:25:09 AM   Reads: 1003   Submitted By: reamils   Source: enigmadigest.blogspot.com Category: UFOs

Category: UFOs
For the first time scientists can show how a natural herbal remedy can directly target influenza and behave like a "viral penicillin". An ingredient in Honeysuckle can directly target the virus which mutates quickly and becomes resistant to vaccines. Up until now Antibiotics have been the defense against most infections. The discovery that a natural product can work in the same way is groundbreaking and holds the promise of new treatments for the virus. Researchers from the Nanjing University School of Life Sciences in China found that a compound in the Honeysuckle plant called MIR2911 directly targets the influenza viruses. The most common seasonal flu most millions of people are affected with every winter is a strain of either influenza A or B. The most severe global pandemics that occasionally arise like swine flu and avian flu are dangerous strains of influenza A. Ongoing tests showed that the compound MIR2911 may work against the Ebola virus. The study was published in Cell Rese

Posted: 10/10/2014 6:50:40 AM   Reads: 872   Submitted By: reamils   Source: enigmadigest.blogspot.com Category: Aliens

Category: Aliens
The Ancient Egyptian Tri Lobed Disc. Created more than 5,000 years ago it has confounded researchers. It is made of schist a fragile rock that requires very labor intensive carving. The object is 61 centimeters in diameter, and 10.6 centimeters in height in the center. It reminds one of a mechanism that is designed to turn. The enigmatic object was found in the Tomb of Prince Sabu in Saqqara. Saqqara was a vast, ancient burial ground in Egypt, and served as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world famous Step pyramid of Djoser the oldest complete stone building complex known in history,as well as a number of mastabas. It is also the location at which the famed Saqqara bird was discovered. A bird shaped artifact made of sycamore wood. Many have suggested that the artifact represents evidence that knowledge of the principles of aviation existed during the Ancient Egyptian culture. Interestingly this artifact

Posted: 6/29/2014 2:13:21 PM   Reads: 1468   Submitted By: reamils   Source: enigmadigest.blogspot.com Category: Ancient Mysteries

What is going on with our Sun? The whole appears as a black abyss in the center of the sun as it rotates. It's massive, and appears to flicker and spark as it rotates past the camera. Eerily it almost looks as if you can see right THROUGH the sun. This video shows the hole as it appeared between the dates of May 5th through May 7th. It appears to be much bigger than the triangle that has appeared on the sun previously. NASA states that the strange flickering visible within the hole is caused by giant strands of plasma. They also state that this is a coronal hole. "An area where high speed solar wind streams into space, and that because it is positioned so far south on the sun it is less likely that the solar wind stream will impact us here on Earth." Various Ufo's have been seen and reported to be by the sun. Some claim our sun could be a portal or stargate allowing travel between dimensions. Could they have something to do with this phenomena?

Posted: 5/13/2014 12:48:26 PM   Reads: 1000   Submitted By: reamils   Source: enigmadigest.blogspot.com Category: Space

Category: Space
This amazing Mars Curiosity image shows two road signs one with written text on it. A dog, a hinged open case that looks like an open briefcase but could be a solar charger or computer,several stone paved walkways,a body of water and a set of stairs. These can be seen with startling clarity. The writing on the sign is both evenly spaced and evenly sized and looks very similar to road signs on earth. One of several things must be happening. Either NASA never sent a rover to Mars and these images are being taken here on earth. Or There are people currently living on Mars with a civilization similar to ours. Or. We have colonized Mars and the public has not been told about it.

Posted: 5/6/2014 11:53:36 AM   Reads: 1154   Submitted By: reamils   Source: enigmadigest.blogspot.com Category: Mars Anomalies

Category: Mars Anomalies