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Really getting to hate these NWO guys as much as I hate Nazis. There is a four part plan to replace the Us with a New Order 1- An economic collapse is unleashed against the people of the United States. 2- The ensuing chaos will lead to the pretext for the imposition of martial law. 3- The martial law phase will result in the imposition of a New World Order which will wipe out all notions of private property and constitutional liberties. 4- World War III will commence and this will culminate in the destruction of America. Wait, if the US gets destroyed whats the point of taking over? Fact or fiction? You be the judge.

Posted: 5/21/2016 12:09:51 AM   Reads: 578   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Conspiracy Theories

Category: Conspiracy Theories   Legit: 0%   Fake: 100%   Total votes: 1
I was not aware there are any human demons, except Nazis (I hate Nazis). However, check out this slick bit of Christian propaganda, the vid even gives instructions how to rid your home of demons before you continue to watch it. Fact or fake? You be the judge.

Posted: 5/18/2016 1:39:59 AM   Reads: 359   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Religion

Category: Religion
Nanobots, drugs, education, advertising, water ( really? Water?), GMOs, all insideious plots to control your mind. Never was mindful, critical thinking more important than today.

Posted: 5/18/2016 1:00:46 AM   Reads: 431   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Conspiracy Theories

Another slick vid, this time describing the Illuminati's use of ESP and psychic powers to further their nefarious schemes. I may have to start hating these Illuminates along with Nazis. Anyway, fact or fake? You be the judge.

Posted: 5/18/2016 12:00:34 AM   Reads: 429   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Conspiracy Theories

Beware of 6/6/16. This date, recently decoded on the US Dollar bill, is the date of an event linked to the Antichrist and New World Order. The engravers must have REALLY good eyesight to get all this stuff on a small piece of paper.

Posted: 5/17/2016 12:17:21 AM   Reads: 1259   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Prophecy

Category: Prophecy
"Researchers" have proven that the Son was crucified on April 3, 33 CE and that the planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Earth and Venus lined up and took form of a crucified man. I am not so sure but the diagram is cool.

Posted: 5/16/2016 1:10:16 AM   Reads: 241   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Religion

Category: Religion
The US and other governments are using Tesla designed secret technology to stop God from intervening on earth. I am confused. I thought they were trying to bring about Armagedon.

Posted: 5/16/2016 12:20:37 AM   Reads: 330   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Conspiracy Theories

Parapsychology, that is the field of study that the New World Order is HIGHLY involved in, but just what is parapsychology? It is the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena including telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, apparitional experiences, and other paranormal claims. It is often identified as pseudoscience. If truth be told world governments are harboring literally thousands of studies on these very topics and if these are of intense concern to the globalist, then they very well just might be used as weapons of the Antichrist and False Prophet of biblical prophecy. I believe you will find what I’m about to uncover about these high-tech mental weapons, worth knowing about…

Posted: 5/15/2016 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 260   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Conspiracy Theories

Closed circuit tv recording of something strange crossing the road. Alien? Ghost? Stargate? I can't say but it is certainly strange

Posted: 5/14/2016 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 287   Submitted By: Ohiomstr2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Aliens

Category: Aliens
This video depicts a sighting that occurred in Bolivia when one boy on the terrace of one house observed a luminous object in the horizont. The sighting was recorded: “An oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the horizon. Under this cloud could be seen a luminous object which soon became spherical, brilliantly lit, which came to a halt; this strange sphere seemed at first to be pale blue in colour but then its luminosity increased and soon it set off again towards the East. Then the object changed direction and moved parallel to the horizon before disappearing to the South-East; the light it gave out was prodigious; it lit us everything on the ground.” Video in link here:

Posted: 5/21/2014 7:46:44 PM   Reads: 765   Submitted By: Volpiceli   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: UFOs

Category: UFOs
Another point of view about our longest running thread.

Posted: 2/18/2013 1:24:09 PM   Reads: 1105   Submitted By: Wereparadox   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Religion

Category: Religion
This one is for our resident prophet Malachi.

Posted: 2/17/2013 9:55:22 PM   Reads: 1254   Submitted By: Wereparadox   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Prophecy

Category: Prophecy
These are what happens through the effects of random chaos in the universe. Be it mutation, other dimensional creatures sexual advances or time/space rips.

Posted: 2/5/2013 4:15:27 PM   Reads: 817   Submitted By: Wereparadox   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Cryptozoology

Category: Cryptozoology
Read the artical. It only gets worse. What is sane? What is not?

Posted: 1/29/2013 11:58:53 AM   Reads: 1131   Submitted By: Wereparadox   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Philosophy and Culture

Once again I give you absolute proof that all you have ever been taught is either the lies of a fool or a deciever or both. And these are those that most people follow. There are more things under heaven an d hell than are written in your high school science books. What if you are large beings that had large creatures. Large amorphous creatures that let's say helped you to build your giant constructions. Some thing that was like our plow horses/house pets. What would you keep them in? Espesually if you lived forever or thousands of years?

Posted: 1/28/2013 10:57:07 AM   Reads: 1021   Submitted By: Wereparadox   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Ancient Civilizations

A witty, scary, entertaining interview!

Posted: 1/24/2013 6:58:31 PM   Reads: 1351   Submitted By: Mackie2   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Paranormal Media

Xenolinguistics discovery preludes 1st contact. Hologram inscribed artifacts provide the platform and portal to an Alien Intelligence.

Posted: 8/9/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 985   Submitted By: laserles   Source: beforeitsnews.com Category: Ancient Mysteries