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 Mysterious Phenomena

Was it a premonition or a warning that they did not want to be found? Fawcett and his team never did come out of the jungle. In the 91 years since they disappeared, 100 potential rescuers died trying to figure out what happened. Still, the debate of what happened to Fawcett rages on.

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Everyone asks me how I acquired a Shrunken Head? I am a former Carny worker. Been around the freak shows all my life. Now the story: I have inherited through inheritance the Shrunken Head of my Great Uncle Giovani, who was killed in Peru. circa 1914 -1917. Imagine my surprise when I opened that box in the mail that day? Here it is...enjoy.

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A 200-YEAR old mummified mongolian monk was "still alive" in a hibernation-like state when he was found sat in the lotus position, according to a friend of the Dalai Lama.

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The world is full of mysteries. From the Bermuda Triangle to the Strong magnetic point in the Himalayas, we are surrounded by hundreds of enigmas. Some get solved while others are just beyond the range of the human brains for now. Here are ten such dark riddles that shook the world and the question mark put on them are yet to be turned into a full stop. Many a Sherlock Holmes tried to come out with a conclusion but all in vain.

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Nearly 60 percent of us have experienced déjà vu, but it remains difficult for scientists to study in lab conditions, given the infrequency and spontaneity of when it occurs. Still, a few theories help explain it.

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Feel like you’ve read this before? Most of us have experienced the eerie familiarity of déjà vu, and now the first brain scans of this phenomenon have revealed why – it’s a sign of our brain checking its memory.

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Mass hysteria is the phenomenon that causes panic in a crowd when everyone believes that have the same illness or other malady. People can develop symptoms by simply believing they have a disease.

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The River Dean ran white prompting residents to take pictures of the strange phenomenon.

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A new study published in the European Journal of Pain shows that inducing a virtual ‘out of body experience’ can significantly reduce the intensity of chronic pain.

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Those who believe in the existence of aliens and mysterious creatures found this incident quite exciting. A man recorded this video from his bedroom while hiding himself behind the curtain. He couldn’t have expected to witness such a rare incident in his room in New York.

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One eyewitness said it started as two celestial giants, but as the day went on it "looked more like a halo around the sun"

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Every time period has its strange stories, and the Wild West is no different—whether it's outlaw corpses or feral camel ghosts.

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If you’ve ever seen light shining through a prism, you know what happens next: the “white light” of the sun is then broken down into its component colors. This is the same effect that causes rainbows when sunlight travels through raindrops in the sky.

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There is a place off the coast of Japan that has the same markings as the Bermuda Triangle but is not as famous as the world's favorite anomalous zone. The Japanese call it Ma-no Umi, the Devil's Sea. That's a pretty clear indicator of what's going on there. One of the twe

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A BIZARRE image is going viral online after mysterious figures appeared in the clouds above New York.

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Breath-taking natural display took place at the Xiangbi'ao beach in south-east China earlier this week. Fluorescent blue patches of seawater glimmered along the shore of Changle city.

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After a century of sightings, there have been suggestions recently that maybe the lights had finally flickered out. Researchers in the physics and astronomy department at nearby Appalachian State have been monitoring the mountain via camera for about three years. And it wasn't until this past month that they finally captured something on more than one camera that can't be explained: a ball of light hovering in the sky above Brown Mountain.

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Verlan Van Wyk isn’t certain his 35 head of his Angus cows and calves. were stolen — but he’d certainly like to be able to figure out what happened to them.

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A group of Russians felt the hair on their necks stand up as they witnessed a rare form of lingering lightning that science still does not fully understand. Thankfully for the Siberians, who watched disquieted but transfixed as the mysterious orb of light glowed for almost a minute on the horizon, one among their party managed to name the spectre.

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Unsolved mysteries never cease to capture our collective imagination. And despite advancing technology, some of the most creepy and bizarre remain puzzling.

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