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Extraterrestrial visitor in Russian province

Wednesday, February 18, 2004
By News Release by Marin Khlybova
Dark-gray eyes. No eye-lids. The vertical pupils of the eyes were constantly narrowing and expanding.  
Long fingers had small sharp claws. No genitals revealing creature"s sex. The creature had no navel which all mammals have.  
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Some archaeological findings appear, and then soon afterwards disappear again, even though they generate tremendous interest at the time of their initial announcement.

Monday, October 27, 2014   Reads: 613   Submitted By: MarioAlien   Source: ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.pt

Boat frame with steering wheel still attached Msl 782 Continue reading http://ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.com/2014/10/msl-782-this-is-boat-on-mars.html

Saturday, October 25, 2014   Reads: 684   Submitted By: MarioAlien   Source: ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.com

Kailash is a sacred Tibetan mountain shrouded in mystery and legends. With an impressive height of 6718 meters, Mount Kailash represents the axis of the world or the stairway to heaven for the people in the region. Both Buddhists and Hindus, as well as older religions, recognize Mount Kailash as an ancient holy place. Approach Kailash not only prohibited, but dangerous. In the immediate vicinity of mountains time flows much faster, and people have gone to the mountain, often not returned. Continue reading here: http://ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.pt/2014/10/mount-kailash-man-made-pyramid.html

Thursday, October 23, 2014   Reads: 400   Submitted By: MarioAlien   Source: ufothetruthisoutthere.blogspot.com

Do we have alien genes in our human DNA? Could this be the ultimate proof of alien life? According to a team of researchers working at the Human Genome Project, this appears to be the case. The team believes that more than 95% of the non-coding sequences (also called junk DNA) found in human DNA is actually the genetic codes of alien lifeforms. These sequences are actually found in all lifeforms found on Earth but they make up a larger portion of the human genome than in any other species known. It is these sequences that the team is using to explain many gaps in our understanding of how human beings have "evolved" over the ages.

Friday, May 10, 2013   Reads: 749   Submitted By: chimaybliss   Source: www.bubblews.com

In 1992, a strange artifact was discovered in a cave on the Devil Hills (or Mount of Satan) in Kupang, East Nus Tenggara, Indonesia. It appeared like two pieces of rock bound together, but its most curious characteristic were the drawings upon its surface: stars, the Sun, and arrows pointing in every direction...

Friday, February 15, 2013   Reads: 940   Submitted By: tulpara   Source: www.strangerdimensions.com

The Ghost Diaries lists 6 reasons why aliens from another planet might not even need a spaceship for interstellar travel and communication.

Saturday, February 9, 2013   Reads: 714   Submitted By: GhostDiaries   Source: theghostdiaries.com

For over 45 years, Erich von Daniken has pursued the theory which postulates that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past. Host: George Noory Guests: Erich vonDaniken, Paul Rimmasch In the first half, crime scene investigator Paul Rimmasch presented ghostly stories related to his work in law enforcement, as well as talked about his interest in 'forbidden archaeology.'

Friday, November 16, 2012   Reads: 633   Submitted By: blakmajik   Source: metaphysics.jujushare.com

Introducing Forbidden Archeology Darwinism is presented to us - to dumb us down ... I had one commenter saying Michael is creationist, I do not believe that is true. And now another commenter saying show us the proof. Well his one book Forbidden Archeology has sold over 200,000 copies and is translated into over 20 languages and is full of proof. Hear him out!

Friday, November 16, 2012   Reads: 661   Submitted By: blakmajik   Source: metaphysics.jujushare.com

Enigmatic artifacts have been found all over the world that simply do not fit the accepted geologic or historical timeline. These ancient anomalies, also referred to as ooparts (out-of-place artifacts), are objects that by scientific measure are very old, but in form or construction appear to be quite modern. If our current history of the world is correct, they just should not exist. And there are many examples...many more than geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists care to admit.

Friday, May 25, 2012   Reads: 904   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

The main focus of the documentary is that the Egyptian God Osiris was actually an alien ’visitor’ who had given the ancient Egyptians their advanced technology. When Osiris died, it was buried in a secret chamber under the royal burial chamber in the Great Pyramid.

Saturday, July 31, 2010   Reads: 476   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

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