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A "Witch" is usually defined as a person, usually female, who only uses magick to harm in the older Mexican traditions. Amongst the Otomi people, for example, it is thought that you should do your best not to influence people too negatively or in any negative manner.

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Health authorities have sent emergency vaccination teams to the remote Indigenous communities in the Amazon to control the rabies outbreak.

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The treatment suffered by a middle-aged woman at the hands of the British legal system, he said in 2008, his voice resounding with conviction and anger, was simply “brutal". And he claimed the support – or at least, the interest – of more than 50 million people from around the world in his ongoing efforts to have her name posthumously cleared.

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Coastal residents are reeling in disbelief following the discovery in Swakopmund of an assembly point for suspected Satanists, or those who practice the mysterious and dark arts of sorcery.

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Residents of Bulinda Village in Kyela District, Mbeya Region lynched two women blaming them for the cholera outbreak in their area.

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Walker Mwandoto and David Shariff Leaders in Rabai sub-county are planning to visit a primary school in the area that has been performing dismally because of witchcraft. Education stakeholders and the

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WITH her dramatically arched eyebrows and vivid paintings on satanic themes, Rosaleen Norton shocked ’50s and ’60s Australia.

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In Ghana, suspected witches are expelled from their villages and sent to live in segregated “witch camps.” Writing for Broadly, Ioana Epure travelled to one such camp in the northern town of Gambag...

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It is rather frightening and, frankly, ridiculous to witness the rapid-fire speed with which news media attempt to sensationalize a story of a violent crime by attributing occult motivations or trappings to it.

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In modern day society, should we still be judging witches?

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Many of us have superstitions we observe, from touching wood for good luck to avoiding bad luck by not walking under ladders.

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RIYADH (Web Desk) - Saudi Arabia’s influential religious police have started training its new members on how to fight magic and arrest sorcerers and magicians in the Gulf Kingdom. A 30-member tea

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Follow Villagers in Masvingo Province’s Bikita district heaved a sigh of relief when two witch-hunters, known as tsikamutandas, were dragged to the courts recently. Follow

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Historical researchers have determined the site in Salem, Mass., where 19 people accused of witchcraft in 1692 were hanged.

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My two and a half year old son was sitting in my lap the other morning when he grabbed my hand and started tracing the lines on my palm. Only half joking I asked him if he was going to read palms like his great-grandfather, and he agreed enthusiastically and made a game of inventing stories for each line.

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CRACKDOWNS on Scottish witches were linked to spells of good weather, according to a mathematical formula unveiled by an economics expert.

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In Webster’s dictionary, witchcraft is defined as the act or instance of employing sorcery, especially with malevolent intent: a magical rite or technique. The religious will say if you believe in God, and believe in what the Bible says, then you must believe in the powers of evil as well. You cannot take one side and then completely discount the other side...basically, evil power is real and witchcraft is the use of it. In reality, though, there is a very fine line between good and evil.

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Although belief in witchcraft has persisted in the American Midwest for nearly two centuries, Mysterious Heartland has found it surprisingly difficult to locate stories of witchcraft in the region. Never-the-less, we have scoured newspaper archives and dusty volumes to bring you some of the most exciting and obscure accounts of conjuring, hexes, and mistaken identity. Which story will prove to be the most compelling of them all?

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All of a sudden a coyote ran in front of us. We started to say a prayer - this was bad luck. We continued driving for I don't know how long when 3 more separate coyotes crossed in front of us. We were starting to become frightened.

9/3/2014   Reads: 701   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

Lucy was 18 and left for Texas with the male leader of the bandits (the old woman's son). They made their home in the west and northwest regions of Texas. There she gave birth to her first son which is my Grandfather. There, she practiced and improve her skills.

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I have written extensively about the York County, PA Hex Murder (Rehmeyer Hollow) and some of the history of Pow-wow folk magic, Pennsylvania Dutch hex-meisters and witchcraft...including my personal experiences. Previous to the Rehmeyer murder was the Tumbling Run Valley 'Hex Cat' incident in Schuylkill County, PA. At the time, it was also a national story. I have included several reports of the incident and follow-up information.

8/17/2014   Reads: 787   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.astralperceptions.com

Witchcraft was a very serious and real thing to the colonists. The cult was believed to be a threat to the Christian Church, and everyone during the early 1700's was on the lookout for witches, who could be recognized by so-called unusual or mysterious behaviors.

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3/6/2014   Reads: 1131   Submitted By: GhostDiaries   Source: theghostdiaries.com

I have written extensively about the York County, PA Hex Murder (Rehmeyer Hollow) and some of the history of Pow-wow folk magic, Pennsylvania Dutch hex-meisters and witchcraft...including my personal experiences. Previous to the Rehmeyer murder was the Tumbling Run Valley 'Hex Cat' incident in Schuylkill County, PA. At the time, it was also a national story. I have included several reports of the incident and follow-up information.

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A reader from Mississippi forwarded the following article from the Times Post in Houston, Mississippi, printed on October 30, 1996. After a bit of research, I came across an 1877 article from a local newspaper describing a similar location, but using a different name. The Natchez Trace had a reputation for thefts and murder (including the death of Meriwether Lewis)...as well as occult activity. Read the accounts below and tell me - are the Witch Dance and the Witches' Acre the same location?

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Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome lifelong witch & author Mya Om to BTE. Mya, who hails from Michigan, has traveled around the world. A lifelong witch, she was initiated into the Craft in 1998, after studying both Dianic and American Eclectic Wiccan traditions. She has written two books, 'Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters' and 'The Un-Spell Book: Energy Essentials for Mastering Magick.' Make sure you mark this date and time down! LIVE Sunday October 20th at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT - You can listen & chat on the network page at http://www.para-x.com/live.htm or use the show link at http://www.beyondtheedgeradio.com/listen-live-and-chat.html - Google+ Community https://plus.google.com/communities/111117077774636652698 - Call toll-free 1-877-677-2858

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"The Navajo Skinwalkers use mind control to make their victims do things to hurt themselves and even end their lives," writes Doug Hickman, a New Mexico educator. "The Skinwalker is a very powerful witch. They can run faster than a car and can jump mesa cliffs without any effort at all."

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Kira, Daughter of the Moon by Beth Trissel has witchcraft and murderous thieves and so much more inside its pages. The story takes place in colonial Virginia where Logan McCutcheon returns home and many people start to wonder if he really was a captive of the Shawnee Indians or was it something else.

5/2/2013   Reads: 683   Submitted By: mardeck   Source: www.examiner.com

Muscle Shoals, AL — Tools used to dismember the body of Amanda Taylor were found in a haunted house recently. Alleged killer Ronald Weems tells authorities his friend hid the tools there. Weems is accused of killing Taylor with a nylon strap over a child support check.

4/10/2013   Reads: 802   Submitted By: John Albrecht   Source: www.examiner.com

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