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An account of a hilarious ghost hunting experience circa 2003.

9/24/2013   Reads: 757   Submitted By: GhostDiaries   Source: theghostdiaries.com

In ancient times, it was believed that chosen prophets could communicate with spirits of the dead by means of ventriloquism. By producing sounds with the stomach (rather than by mouth), these prophets would utter words without moving their lips, and onlookers believed the sounds came from the spirits in the prophets’ stomachs. Hence the name "ventriloquist", which literally means "belly speaker" in Latin.

6/25/2013   Reads: 701   Submitted By: GhostDiaries   Source: theghostdiaries.com

Apparently ghosts seem to enjoy tacos. Employees at a few Taco Bell restaurants claim that their fast food store is haunted. But taco-lovers shouldn't worry about the dead, they need to worry about the living when visiting their favorite fast food place. Some of the restaurant's workers add special secret ingredients to the food. One worker was photographed licking taco shells this week.

6/4/2013   Reads: 594   Submitted By: Paranormal Playground   Source: www.examiner.com

Los Angeles, CA — The fifth installment of the "Scary Movie" franchise haunts theaters tomorrow. Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex star in the film alongside Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, Kat Williams, Mike Tyson, and many other big celebrities.

4/11/2013   Reads: 636   Submitted By: John Albrecht   Source: www.examiner.com

Look through these pictures of the creepiest looking Santas and decide who is the most evil looking.

12/17/2012   Reads: 644   Submitted By: GhostDiaries   Source: theghostdiaries.com

The Vintage Lamp - a short story (Happy Halloween) Most folks in town described Anita Perkins with peculiar detail. A few could talk about Anita for up to three hours without repeating a story, many could hold an audience while three consecutive beers were consumed at Taylor's Saloon, but just about everyone held onto one story or another that they could tell to a traveling relative or at a convention three states away.

10/27/2012   Reads: 657   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

The paranormal is not always scary, but rather a neat connectivity that may scream coincidence or synchronicity as your mind attempts to understand something that's just happened that probably shouldn't have. Case in point - The Vintage Lamp.

10/27/2012   Reads: 589   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - OCTOBER 12, 2011 - THE WHITE HOUSE - White House Chief Science Consultant Robert Gumby has advised President Obama today to step-up research funding into a meteor that hit southwestern Arizona late last year while some scientists are calling its analysis "interesting" after a single organism was isolated this past weekend that hinted of life arriving from off the planet.

10/12/2011   Reads: 462   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

If you think mowing your lawn is hard work enough. Just think how hard it will be to mow the sky. In the future that’s exactly what we will have to do.

11/17/2010   Reads: 486   Submitted By: thetimehuman   Source: timehuman.blogspot.com

A spooky tale from Boston. Happy Halloween from Para-Blog!

10/30/2010   Reads: 546   Submitted By: ParaBlog   Source: www.praofb.org

Talk of UFO disclosure where our government comes clean on the alien issues is a longstanding debate.

6/14/2010   Reads: 495   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

The number of YouTube videos with a paranormal bent is staggering - and it seems hundreds are jumping in daily with their personal brand of paranormal comedy.

3/14/2010   Reads: 447   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

With so many new paranormal network shows out there with high tech gear and slick editing, we may not ever see the underbelly of this industry.

3/9/2010   Reads: 425   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

Wonder what kind of warranty this comes with? Click to find out.

3/9/2010   Reads: 515   Submitted By: ParaBlog   Source: www.praofb.org

Even the Oscar’s got in on the act of spoofing the film - Paranormal Activity.

3/9/2010   Reads: 448   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

We could not pass up this music video - Pink UFO - posted on YouTube that suggests the USA has taken on new technology as a result of picking up downed UFO crafts.

3/8/2010   Reads: 451   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

Science has attempted to explain Black Holes - but what if one fell in your lap?

2/28/2010   Reads: 421   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

Science has attempted to explain Black Holes - but what if one fell in your lap?

2/28/2010   Reads: 398   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

The recent hit film, Paranormal Activity, has touched off a huge number of spoofs.

2/26/2010   Reads: 445   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Story - is where the paranormal meets comedy.

2/21/2010   Reads: 451   Submitted By: tremontavenue   Source: www.examiner.com

Okay...this one is a joke....but not really.

11/12/2008   Reads: 330   Submitted By: 0x6a656666   Source: www.theonion.com

Ernie Hudson: Haunted By Ghostbusters’ Past

9/1/2003   Reads: 435   Submitted By: whatwasthen   Source: www.ncbuy.com

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