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 Ancient Civilizations

Recent work has revealed that the ancient civilization of the Idus Valley is 2500 years older than previously believed.

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Rings of stalagmites found in a cave in France suggest that our ancient relatives were surprisingly skilled builders.

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People were burning fires at a quarry near the Savannah River as far back as 50,000 years ago. That would have been before the worst of the last Ice Age and millennia before South Carolina is thought to have been inhabited.

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With one confirmed site and two other probable sites in North America the story of Viking westward expansion is widening. Check out this article about a possible site in Canada.

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Lovely short vid from the Smithsonian Channel about the mounds at Cahokia. This, bros and brodettes, is how to actually solve an ancient mystery.

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It was a good story while it lasted: A 15-year-old boy discovered a lost city  by theorizing that a modern star map would correlate with ancient Mayan settlements. It seemed to fit the common understanding of the Maya as peaceful stargazers, centuries ahead of their time in astronomical observation and deeply mystical. It only makes sense they’d plan their cities to align with constellations.

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PURDUE UNIVERSITY—New bioarchaeological evidence shows that Nubians and Egyptians integrated into a community, and even married, in ancient Sudan, according to new research from a Purdue University anthropologist.

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An interesting list published today concerning origins, meglithic monuments and warfare in ancient Europe.

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The Istanbul Archeology Museum announced on Monday that they have made the largest archeological discovery of the year by unearthing "A 5,000-year-old tumulus, the oldest ever found in the country" in the Istanbul district of Silivri. The discovery is expected to shed greater light on the history of Istanbul and the wider Thracian region.

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Ancient tree stumps and logs, preserved by peat and sand, are now clearly visible along a 200 metre stretch of coastline at Low Hauxley near Amble, Northumberland (pictured).

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Native Americans in Northern Ohio constructed a detailed ceremonial site 2,300 years ago that may have been used to celebrate life and observe the cosmos, according to archaeologists who spent five years excavating there.

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Romanian archaeologists from the Prahova County Museum of History discovered a 5000-year old tomb on Tuesday, on a field outside Ploiesti. The discovery was made in an area where a new residential project should be developed, reports local Mediafax. The archaeologists found the main tomb of a tumulus that apparently belonged to an important person from a group of Nomads. The skeleton was found wearing a necklace made of copper and kaolin, with a “glasses” pendant. According to the archaeologists, such discoveries are rare.

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Nearly 15,000 years ago, early humans gathered by a small pond in what is now Florida, near Tallahassee. Using stone knives, they butchered the body of a fallen mastodon, scoring the massive beast's tusks with deep cuts as they dug them out of the skull.

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A new English language version of a Turkish website containing a data base of archaeologic sites in Turkey shows that a previously ignored civilization existed. The newly revealed evidence suggests a wide spread civilization Dubbed the Luwians existed in western Turkey during the Bronze Age and shifts emphasis away from concentration on Hellenistic influence in the area.

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The Trojan War was a grander event than even Homer would have us believe. The famous conflict may have been one of the final acts in what one archaeologist has controversially dubbed “World War Zero” – an event he claims brought the eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age world crashing down 3200 years ago.

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"The last Ice Age made much of the globe uninhabitable, but there were oases -- or refugia -- where people 20,000 years ago were able to cluster and survive. Researchers who specialize in the analysis of human DNA have found new evidence that there was one or more of these shelters in what is now Southern Arabia."

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Objects from two lost underwater cities recently discovered off the Egyptian coast are being revealed to the public in a “blockbuster” British Museum exhibition.

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One day in 1999, the French maritime archaeologist Franck Goddio went diving off the coast of Egypt. He was poised to make the most important discovery of his life.

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History is full of mysterious disappearances — of people, of places and even of entire civilizations. In many cases, time has not told us what happened to the populations that have vanished en masse, all over the world. Archeologists unearth ruins and uncover clues as to the demise of ancient cultures, but the fates of many inexplicably evaporated peoples remain question marks. Here are four mysteriously vanished civilizations that keep scientists scratching their heads.

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A rare inscription found on a stone unearthed near Florence is exciting archaeologists who say it may help reveal the secrets of the Etruscans, one of Italy's earliest and most enigmatic civilisations

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