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Think Comic con is just for comic book lovers? Not anymore

5/13/2015   Reads: 960   Submitted By: Roy SMFP   Source: www.examiner.com

During her most recent guest appearance on Arcane Radio, dream expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley detailed how to interpret dreams and some of the criteria in her workshops. She also recounted her early experiences with dreams and what it has meant to her personally and for her career.

11/29/2014   Reads: 745   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

As soon as you look at the book cover, you instantly know that you're going to enjoy the content. David Weatherly's 'Strange Intruders' is an wonderful collection of real-life narratives and anecdotes, that includes engaging information about various beings and phenomena.

1/7/2014   Reads: 616   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

Here are a few excerpts from my new book 'Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters.' The book is a collection of personal encounter reports submitted by regular people who felt compelled to find answers about their unexplained experience. A variety of paranormal and supernatural incidents are covered, including phantoms / apparitions, humanoids / other beings, unexplained phenomena, aliens, UFOs, monsters & cryptids. Enjoy!

12/13/2013   Reads: 689   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: www.phantomsandmonsters.com

This author considers the paranormal to be a normal, little understood part of life. Our ancestors took the paranormal on faith, without proof. For the most part, in modern times, we refuse to take the paranormal seriously because we don’t understand it. That’s the key. One day we will have all the scientific proof we need. But, for now, the paranormal is truly “para” – outside the normal.

9/22/2013   Reads: 745   Submitted By: BettyEverdene   Source: patriciagoodwin.blogspot.com

While researching the period of witch trials and piracy, 1692, this author discovered some wild, little-known facts about the 17th Century and the ways of pirates.

9/3/2013   Reads: 716   Submitted By: BettyEverdene   Source: patriciagoodwin.blogspot.com

Imagine what an epic impact this would have if mankind discovered not only that we're not alone, but also that aliens are actually humans living in the distant reaches of the universe, who seeded Earth to ensure survival of the species outside of more dangerous areas. In the probability of quantum mechanics, this is one possible outcome. Creative, alternative, and esoteric philosophical concepts of existence. How did the universe really begin? Can we fluidly access our subconscious and communicate with each other? Did the Egyptians build pyramids differently than previously conceived? These questions, along with many more, are addressed in Mysteries of the Universe; J.C. Vintner's second volume of the Ancient Earth Mysteries series. Volume II: Philosophy covers selected topics examining ancient cultures and their philosophical influence on the world while touching upon mankind's position in the universe. Explore new avenues of thinking through the mind's eye, and find out how we can change our futu

7/26/2012   Reads: 937   Submitted By: Ancient Mysteries   Source: www.amazon.com

The Days of Laméch is the long-anticipated prequel to the award-winning The Days of Peleg, delving into the mysteries of the ancient Family Wars and drawing back the curtain on an age of antediluvian enlightenment—and ultimate devastation.

8/24/2011   Reads: 774   Submitted By: 7anthony   Source: s8int.com

Read about the PIHA Grey Team’s investigations of haunted museums and public historic sites in Washington State. Discover the true history and the mystery of these ghostly locations. Read the team’s actual results of every paranormal investigation.

1/12/2011   Reads: 657   Submitted By: piha   Source: www.pihausa.com

It is a detailed and comprehensive work with practical tips for all ghost hunters. There are very good historical references as well as interesting explanations of terms used by paranormal professionals. I recommend this guide as a great primer for those who want to start investigations and a ’must-have’ addition to any paranormal library.

12/4/2009   Reads: 596   Submitted By: Medieval   Source: naturalplane.blogspot.com

The first thing you’ll notice about Phyllis Galde when she comes to the door of her Lakeville split-level is her T-shirt. "UFOs are real," it reads. "The Air Force doesn’t exist." Beneath this koan is a picture of a flying saucer. At first, you might suspect that the shirt is a cute novelty. It’s not. Galde is a believer.

11/19/2003   Reads: 559   Submitted By: clayroy   Source: www.citypages.com

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