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dang the souls around me are easing there demands

the unknown   posted:8/18/2012 2:45:40 PM  
been talking direct there was one that said the name mikey talk but answers were cloudy keep you posted
Jaxerback   posted:8/18/2012 11:20:06 PM  
Cant wait!!
JesusChrysler   posted:8/20/2012 5:14:43 AM  
To get more clear contact with the spirits
You must sprinkle soiled kitty litter around
your place in generous amounts.It will give the spirits
Much more power for communications
stewie0972   posted:8/23/2012 9:50:22 AM  
So is this true about the kitty litter. I am a feeler and want to talk and hear my spirit guide more but need practice hearing him so if the kitty litter really works will try tonight.
JesusChrysler   posted:8/25/2012 4:33:49 AM  
Most true psychics will not divulge this secret but the
truth of the matter is they are embarrassed
too say they amplify the spirit world
with cat pee.
Cats are mystical creatures dating back to Egypt and they loved them. That's
why they are in all their 2 and 3 dimensional art. Look closley at
any psychics now days and you will
see that they all have some type of jewelry on
Be it a neckless, rings, bracelets. Ect......... They put that stuff
in a kitty litter box for a couple weeks to charge
it up. Then they take it out and put it back on.

gary107   posted:8/25/2012 11:47:36 AM  
you can tell them by their smell...
JesusChrysler   posted:8/26/2012 5:40:51 AM  

In Reply To:
gary107  posted:8/25/2012 11:47:36 AM  
you can tell them by their smell...
LoL. That's why I made it up. Seemed funney
at the time. Yeah I think the only thing it would atract
would be bugs. I do like cats though and it was
true that Egypt loved cats, but that was about the
only true thing I said.
Jaxerback   posted:9/2/2012 9:58:31 PM  
Jesus Chrysler,there I was collecting sacred cat shit..!!
LincolnGenghis   posted:9/14/2012 10:55:21 AM  
Oh my god I wonder if anyone actually tried that. LoL
I don't suppose anybody would ever admit to it though.

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