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paranormal/haunted house?

starshine   posted:3/5/2011 3:00:04 AM  
 ok so for a while I have  had expirences in my house that i can and can not explain.  Some of it is the house settling due to being old (built in the 1920s) and the others well i have no idea what it  could be. So this had been going on for some 15 years now, it first started i want to say after a UFO expirence i had when i was a kid maybe at 13 but im pretty sure some things happened when i was younger then 13 in my current house, just cant pin point it.  So at age 13 the paranormal stuff picks up in my house, i used to call my mom home from work because i would be hearing things, like old time countyr ball room music from the 1920 i want to say.  Now this happened when i would be half asleep so it could be my mind wandering and what not but i felt like i could see the people in period clothing, lafter, talking drinking and dancing ect.  Now lets jump forward a few years as it continues.  So when i was 15 or some older age i don't clearly remember i ended up getting a ouija board, i think its still in my house but i have no idea, I think we got rid of it last year when we did a major spring cleaning.  Anyways i got aquija board well actually my first one ever was given to me by a friend and there was a crack down the middlebut it just looked like raised cardboard and the board itsself was pretty sound and stable for use so I took it in.  I don't really remember much of when i used it because i only used it when friends were around as a joke somewhat and to have fun  as kids at that age liked to do.  So just recently over the last few years i have been having a fear of the dark which i never really have had and its only in certan spots of my house.  Like the first floor bathroom, sometimes the kitchen/dining room, on thesecond floor the master bedroom and the room where my mom now sleeps which hasa little office  area.  Now my room and out sunroom don't bother me as much but the bacement sometimes does, more  so near the storage/work room area where we used to keep all our tools like hamers and that sort.  Now in the bacement i believe this is still the original circut breaker and its cased isa flimsy metal with metal tubing around the wires but i think their exposed  so not sure.  It would explain the parnoia the bf and i get down there sometimes.  So currently I have been hearing knocing on the door to my room and throught the walls of the house, my dog has been barking at the front windowsill over looking our driveway and each time i look theres nothing that i can see there either.  I was getting really uneasyness when my mom went out of town for a few weeks and just a general worryed feeling in certan parts of the house.  theres other thingsthat happened like my name being called out  when i was watching tv and a feeling of being toutched, was not harmfull but actually feltlike a massage but i can tell its energy and not a lingering feeling from the usual massages i get from the bf.  So i had a room mate live with us for a while, almost 2 weeks and with in the first few hours she started picking up on energys in my house (we did not tell her anything about the house before she got here so she would not feel weird or anything), I showed her to the room she was going to sleep in with has a full length mirror and a closet she can keep her stuff in, right when she steped foot into the room the ambiant room temp droped by 10 degrees  and sent chills up and down my spine giving goose bumps and making my hair stand on end.  That was when she asked is there was anything in this house and i told her what i expirenced compaired to what happened. I told her that my ex toom a pic of the house and that there was a little girl standing at the window in the study where my mom was sleeping, but my mom was not sleeping in that room at the time.Once my mom cane back from her trip all activity seemed to quiet down untill now.  Lately over the last few weeks i have been seeing things out of the corner of my eye, almost black mass  types, small in size but strange.  I have had strange depression which dosnt feel like me at all as im not a depressed type of person but more happy go lucky.  Now granted i do have my off days just like everyone else but its been more then normal.  I have had dreams of getting possessed, having a feeling like something is in my dream it shouldnt be, random zoning out stuff like that.  Im  sure i could go to a doc and have it all figured out but this dosnt feel like me, i almost feel like im looking my grip  on reality in a sence?  Anyways just a little bit ago maybe 30min before typing  all this out my bf who does have a pretty active mind but also a pretty stable mind too ended upgoing down to get a glass of water for me.  So while he was down in the kitchen and ended up getting this image of someone or something saying get out in a deep voice kinda like from manityville horror.  The hair on his arm was standing up on end and there were goose pimples covering his arm.Now everyone who has come into my house with in the first few hours of being here gets a feeling of uneasyness around the same spots that me and the bf feel them at, now we never do tell people that our place might be haunted because if they feel something and ask then thats pretty much the only time we will say something about it as we know not app people are able to feel the energy in this house.  So my question from this is i kinow im not going nuts but i feel like it all the time, anyways could there be something in this house and could it be possible that it was from the ouija board?  I have felt a little threatned in my house sometimes like something is going to come up and do something but i do feel safe in my own room which is the interesting part.  But could what ever this thing be, actually want to harm us some how is what im getting at, if anyone has any insight feel free to respond, but pleast feel free to coment either way i would love to hear what you guys have to say Hvae a nice night otherwise oh and sorry for the spelling errors and if anything runs on, i was in a rush typing this lol 
tapuout4985   posted:3/5/2011 1:38:35 PM  
 Your house sounds like my house.  All the activity I have witnessed seems to come and go in bursts.  I'll have a few weeks of daily experiences and then months of silence.  I know a lot of people who claim that ouija tends to bring in dark spirits, but in my experience the talking board has no summoning properties.  It is simply a tool for communicating with what is already there.  There are other communication techniques you could try other than the talking board.  If you have a recording device there is always EVP, or you could try leaving a pen and paper out to see if anything tries to leave a message.  I would also ask if you have researched the history of the property at all.  It might help to find out if there was ever some sort of tragic death on the property.  When I started researching the history of my house and the activity here I found that my phenomena didn't fit with the classic haunting, but was more in line with what happens if a brownie (fairy, gnome) has taken up residence in the home.
itscrazytime   posted:3/5/2011 6:19:57 PM  
The house that I live in is my grandparents who have both passed away. I have had experiences in this house ever since about a month after my grandfather died. I have actually seen him straight on twice. Sometimes it smells like when my grandparents lived here, and then the scent just dissapates with no real explaination, lights go on and off and when you ask him to stop he does, I've heard him talking to me, etc...THEN...there was something else...My oldest son saw it first, then my middle daughter. I have heard it and seen it from the corner of my eye but I try not to trust that and be objective. I don't know why this other thing is here, but it's much different from my grandfather. I don't really know how to explain it, but I guess I could say it "feels" older. It seems as though it knows what it's doing more, not just checking in.Anyway...Having dealt with this for a long time, I have researched it greatly. I have always felt the presence of spirits, ghosts, whatever you want to call them. Trust me when I tell you they are everywhere. First off I would like to say that you have to take in to consideration whether or not anyone has ever been harmed. Chances are if this has been going on for a long time and no one has gotten hurt, then it has no intention of hurting you.Second, You have to remember that ghosts are people. They have moods and feelings. Some of them I guess could be cranky like a live person would be, or playful, or whatever...I'm not sure if I wouldn't be bored or cranky if I spent 100 years in my house with no one to talk to.If you are feeling overwhelming feelings that  are unlike you, that's not uncommon, but like you said, it could be EMF. You could be sensitive to either the ghost or energy. When I have those feelings I get out of the house. I go visit my friends or go to the park. Ever since this new thing showed up I have suffered from severe anxiety and have problems being home alone. I have finally had enough and am moving, but that's not the ONLY reason why I'm moving. (I just bought a house I have been waiting for to come up for sale for literally years)As far as the Ouija board...like tapuout said...I don't think they have any summoning powers, but I would still avoid them. I equate Ouija boards to leaving your car unlocked with the drivers side door open and the keys in it in the middle of a busy shopping center parking lot...you have no clue who's going to jump in it.As far as any demonic presence goes, it is very rare and you would have known about it a long time ago. A demon would not have piddled around with parlor tricks for years. Scary voices, yes, sometimes they might sound scary. Ghosts are energy, and they need energy to try to communicate, so I guess if you think about it, they could come out sounding funny.I guess most importantly is that you are here, which means you are trying to get it out and figure out whats going on.
starshine   posted:3/8/2011 12:10:42 PM  
 I have not researched the history on this house, i know the area i live i was built up in the 1920s  and i think the house number was #7 X street.  I have a letter from the first owners or at least we think it was the first owners to the second owners but i would love to know more about this area.  a few streets away there are hitch posts that horses would be tied up to which i fould pretty neat. I agree about the demonic presence being rare and that it would have done something by now if it were really that,  I don't mind what ever is living here to stay as long as we can i guess sorta coexist with each other with out having any problems
starshine   posted:3/8/2011 12:10:42 PM  
 I have not researched the history on this house, i know the area i live i was built up in the 1920s  and i think the house number was #7 X street.  I have a letter from the first owners or at least we think it was the first owners to the second owners but i would love to know more about this area.  a few streets away there are hitch posts that horses would be tied up to which i fould pretty neat. I agree about the demonic presence being rare and that it would have done something by now if it were really that,  I don't mind what ever is living here to stay as long as we can i guess sorta coexist with each other with out having any problems
itscrazytime   posted:3/9/2011 7:31:19 PM  
You know, I remembered that when I first started have scary moments in my house and I knew something was hre, this woman asked me if I ever tried to talk to it. I hadn't even really thought about it. So I tried it. At first I felt rediculous, but things really seemed to calm down after that.
starshine   posted:3/11/2011 10:28:17 PM  
 humm i have herd about trying to talk to what ever it is in my house just havent done it yet, i'll have to see about doing that
channelpirate   posted:3/13/2011 6:06:36 PM  
I've been investigating houses for a good while now and did one a month ago for a lady who had actually moved out. I think the important thing is to split all the individual bits and look at them seperately.If you heard music or voices etc when you were younger you may have been in the dream state between waking and sleeping - and then again you might not. You don't say you have heard them recently so I guess it's likely the former.The Ouija board could, if you believe some people, have brought a spirit in. We use a communication board as I call it to verify activity with some very mixed results. I have never had anything harmful happen but, as you are feeling vulnerable, I was suggest staying away from this.You say you are afraid of the dark, especially in some rooms. During investigations everyone will have occasions when irrational fear will rise up. Very few people can for example sit on a chair in a dark room with their back to the door without some degree of discomfort. My experience tells me this is irrational and I overcome it but i cannot do the same for spiders. The thing is that I acknowledge it and put it on the shelf in the right place. the same probably goes for your basement. We are all cavemen and going into a hole in the ground is an unatural activity for us. Much is said about EMF and certainly we always check this. However I think you would need really high levels to cause the felling syou have. I think it probably more likely to be within you. Perhaps like being afraid watching a scary movie when you conscoius mind tells you it's only a film.The knocking is something else but stills needs an objective mind. I have activity in my own house and have had a really loud bang on the bedroom door a few months back. On investigations though we have this happen all the time and can often be atributed to building cooling/heating. The thing is to call out, ask for it to be done again and, if it does, ask for two kncoks etc. What you are trying to do is prove intelligence. The dog barking is probably just outside. Dogs hearing s 30 times better than ours or something so you'll never know. People say animals are sensitive but i was on an investigation last year where there was clear activity going on but the cat just ambled about. Not saying they are not sensitive but I have never seen an example of this yet. You say you felt you were touched and again I have had this happen to me. All I can say is that you feel it was pleasant so if there are spirits around they clearly don't want to do you harm. I would suggest you do not look into the history of your house because this will feed into the situation. If you did find something bad had happenend what would you do? You would be in a worse place than you are now. Instead think of spirits as people. Most people we meet in life are good people. If you were a spirit and touched someone that person might be freaked out but you just wanted to say hi. You could talk out to whatever you think is there but be strong. If i was walking into your house my guess is you'd be pretty mad about it. The same goes for spirits, they are people and there is nothing better than taking back control of what is rightfully yours.I hope this helps

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