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Jodi   posted:11/14/2011 10:42:48 PM  
We all are ghosts now
returning home
to haunt the same house.
Though it isn't the house
we left before.
these thin wires
have linked us and lead us
back to where we now stand
which is back where we belong.
Somehow it makes me
whole again.
I am grateful
because I was floating
and don't know where I would have landed
if I kept drifting
across that lonely stretch of land.
Sometimes it reaches out to me
and I take it's hand
because no one else hears me
or cares to.
I have learned
to seek comfort in suppression.
And It doesn't mind
if I don't speak at all.
Though, sometimes I feel caged
and long for things based on instinct.
much like an animal or a criminal must.
spooky1   posted:11/15/2011 7:19:08 AM  
Jodi   posted:11/15/2011 7:46:25 AM  

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spooky1  posted:11/15/2011 7:19:08 AM  
Thanks! :)

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