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How can u tell if u have a haunting?

Stacey603   posted:12/25/2012 12:19:51 AM  
How can u tell if u have a haunting without equipment that u guys use. Someone had passed away several yrs before i moved into my apartment and sometimes u can feel someone sit on the edge of my bed and no one is there. u see shadows and u feel temp drops and get goose bumps and u feel like there is someone is there and u hear voices and weird noises
malachi the prophet   posted:12/25/2012 1:50:43 AM  
if he is evil -he cannot be in the presence of frankensence -the tree sap -noT incense
by holy water/oil have a priest re-bless it. burn the smoke in every corner of the house
then make a cross on every door post -even closets (also basements and crawlsbases)
SLOWLY YOU WILL WORK HIM OUT . "" a holy ring of protection"" = a meraculous medal of mary
a M with a cross on top rev 7 the holy seal (also helps people to rapture) the 144,000
keep on you 24/7 =and no evil can hurt you
most ghosts are lost and do not know they are dead -if that is case good luck -lol
someone has to re-open the light,the doorway (jacobs ladder/angel highway).
bobprin   posted:12/25/2012 6:43:13 AM  
Sounds like you got a ghost for sure. Now you got to decide if you want the ghost around or not. If you like it talk nice to it when you know it's there, invite it to sit with you, ask it questions, just like a person you just met and would like to know. If you want to be rid of it find out it's name, tell it that it is dead and it's now time to get out. If that doesn't work move.
breeld   posted:12/25/2012 7:22:44 AM  
"If you want to be rid of it find out it's name, tell it that it is dead and it's now time to get out. If that doesn't work move."

LOL "Just the facts, ma`am"
Wereparadox   posted:12/25/2012 12:42:02 PM  
Or if you laugh at everything it does and no matter what don't get scared. They useually get sick of it and go away. But be carefull of malachi's advice. I useally it works at first but then in most of the cases I've seen the thing comes back a lot more pissed off in a few months. But every case is differnt it depends if the spirit is evil, elemental or a memory replay or just someone who doesn't want to move on.
spooky1   posted:12/25/2012 2:22:10 PM  
Definitely sounds like a ghost. I would sit down talk to him/her & explain to them that there dead & to go to the light.
TheParanormalStates   posted:2/8/2013 2:49:30 AM  
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