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Gatekeeperds   posted:7/31/2014 9:40:17 AM  
I was over at a friend's watching this new show about people gathering physical evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot for a bounty. During a commercial, I was asked if I heard about a creature called Batsquatch. My response was no, then my friend filled me in about it. Now this caught my interest, as in all my years in reading about cryptids, this one I knew nothing about. Did some research into Batsquatch and decided to post this article.

Within a week, I combed through online articles and books about Batsquatch. This cryptid is a rarely sighted creature within the USA, over the past 30 years, with limited information about it. The creature been described to be 6 to 8 feet tall and massive like Bigfoot, hence the name Batsquatch, but keep in mind they are different. The eye witness reports vary on details about the cryptid, with accounts saying it has fur or leathery skin, black or purple in colour, its face was of a bat or an ape with a humanoid shaped body. The most common features noted on Batsquatch were glowing red eyes and batwings similar to those of the Mothman or Jersey Devil.

The first reports about Batsquatch with what I can find on the Internet, were said to be made in the 1980s by Washington's Mt. Saint Helen. The first documented sighting was made in 1994 by a mountaineer named Butch Whittaker. He claims one day to had spotted the creature flying by and taken pictures of it. Yet these photos remain unseen and unpublished. I found on similar sightings posted on the Internet in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and even a report blaming Batsquatch for the disappearance of livestock.

Other Sources of Information

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Source Abnormal Realm Blog

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