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Aliens and Nuclear Weapons


Swamptick   posted:3/27/2011 7:49:07 AM  
Swamptick   posted:3/27/2011 8:04:56 AM  
This is interesting stuff.
treeofgreen   posted:3/27/2011 7:29:50 PM  
thanks for the link Swamptick that was very interesting. I have heard other stories and seen other articles about similar things. Supposedly these UFO has stopped quite a few planned launches of nukes over the past few decades.Very interesting
Swamptick   posted:3/28/2011 8:14:16 AM  
It always makes me wonder what kind of sensing equipment they have.
spiritech0   posted:3/28/2011 12:29:11 PM  
At first, I thought these could be Billy Meier's Nordic buddies, but then again it could be they just need their batteries recharged via wifi like our cell phones. No to nukes. Yes to TeslaTech.
gary107   posted:3/28/2011 12:33:54 PM  
Believe what you will, but I think that Mr. Spock will not be there to save anyone.  In the event of the need for a first strike there is a RAPTURE call list, but that is for folks who will be needed in some future world, not for young welfare mothers with babies and kids to support.
Swamptick   posted:3/28/2011 2:41:22 PM  
What point are you trying to make Gary? Your ramblings are not entirely clear and to be frank, quite poorly worded. Can you re-form your statements?
gary107   posted:3/29/2011 2:40:56 AM  
There are no aliens that will prevent a third world war where we use atomic weapons.  The rich can afford their own bunkers, elected leaders of government have the tax payers to pay for their retreats.  For the inner city poor you allow the fake hope of some alien Mr. Spock to come to their relief.   There are no longer civil defense bunkers in our cities, so just feed those folks drugs and offer them a "dream."  It would be more useful to have bunkers.  Let the 95% of the population pay their taxes, but plan to "save" only the useful and well connected 5%.  Our only advantage in an Atomic war is a first strike, that is why it was called "plan 1-A," it is the best option.  I have heard and been asked about this discussion all my life.  Two Air Force officers are used to create false hope for our inner city populations, a cheap trick.  Clear enough?   
Swamptick   posted:3/29/2011 7:46:47 AM  
There are so many flaws with your argument I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the tax issue. You are asserting that 95% of the population pays taxes. This alone is enough to nullify your conspiracy theory. Around half - that's right HALF - of Americans pay taxes. The rest are getting a free ride. As for the inner city poor: You are aware they are the ones CHOOSING to do drugs. Typically the suppliers of these drugs are also other inner city poor. Do some research and your consipracy theories might dissolve in the face of unmittigatable facts.
spiritech0   posted:3/29/2011 10:11:13 AM  
Yeah.  Plus, Mr Spock wouldn't mess with the Prime Directive of "leave the poor savages to their own doom". LOLz
gary107   posted:3/29/2011 10:56:09 AM  
Taxes are not just on property or profits.  What little the rich pay in taxes are just added to the cost of the product their companies sell.  People also pay sales tax without passing the cost on.  Adam Smith would turn in his grave upon hearing of your lack of understanding  of how an economy works.  Follow the 95% around and see how many times a day they pay taxes.  The state governments are brook and they need the cost of gas to go way up in order to collect more   sales tax.  You do not agree that we have Plan 1-A ?  You are not related to Bill Gulley or Canadian Lt. Gen. Howard Douglas Graham?  Mr. Spock is as much a fictiion as the reported testimony of those two Air Force officers.  Drugs or religion are simple ways of having the poor or working poor bear their daily lives.  Conspiracy is just another term for good planning.  There is a need for it and profit can be made from it.  Look at the BioTech industry, I recall my maternal grandmother talking about what was to be done with the Black folks and male homosexuals after the Watt riots of 1965.  In the year leading up to her death on July 27th 1978 [ anniversary of the battle of Killiecrankie ] she repeatly said she was glad she was not going to live to see it.  She had old ideas on what society was all about.  Believe what you will, besides the study of ghosts is due to be an expanding field, eh?  It is just a matter of using Atomic bombs or germs.
Swamptick   posted:3/29/2011 11:33:52 AM  
Lol. Ok Gary. You do NOT have your facts right. 5% of Americans are paying over half the taxes. The rich pay WELL more than their fare share. Get it right.
Swamptick   posted:3/29/2011 11:34:26 AM  
There is nothing worse than people who make stuff up based on emotion.
gary107   posted:3/31/2011 6:49:02 AM  
Child, you need to summon up the ghost of Lona Helmsley.   The 5 % you assert are likely the ones who can not afford a staff of company lawyers and accounts.  I have no need to "make up" anything.  I have a tested IQ of 145. I am over 60 years old.  I have Asperger Syndrome, I do not feel your pain or "emotions."  Sometimes I do tell people "death knowledge," or things that drive them to suicide.  I can not understand what determines their behaviour.  It is not a matter of my concern.  Be careful of what you ask for I will tell you the truth. 
Swamptick   posted:3/31/2011 8:06:52 AM  
Whatever you have to tell yourself. For someone with such a hight IQ you sure don't have very god grammar. You have ZERO influence over me lol. Take care nancy.   
Swamptick   posted:3/31/2011 8:07:04 AM  
0x6a656666   posted:3/31/2011 8:38:09 AM  

In Reply To:
Swamptick  posted:3/31/2011 8:07:04 AM  
gary107   posted:3/31/2011 12:54:20 PM  
I do not use contractions for the sake of clearity.  The script writers for Star Trak: the next generation copy this behaviour into the character DATA in the mid-1980's.  Be happy I do not express myself like the Yoda character for "German syntax difficult is."  The script writers took my discovery that "others" had developed a "collective mind" and used it as "the Borg" in their script plots.  I did not approve of that.  Hint:  The dry Clark Lake bed and the kind of radio telescope that used to run across it and was operated by the University of Maryland in the 1970's.  So now "the Mother Church" has decided that aliens can have "souls" and should also be "saved."  Such is pure hubris on their part.  Read "A New Number for An Old Beast" by Gary Brumwell and you will get an understanding of how I view religion and spiritual matters.  Have a good day. 
Swamptick   posted:4/1/2011 7:43:08 AM  
If you say so.
spiritech0   posted:4/1/2011 10:16:17 AM  
Wowzers. I suggest the MIB check out their missing Kaminoan...

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