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The purpose of tabloids?

tapuout4985   posted:11/12/2010 2:45:57 PM  
I've been working up a theory lately about the purpose of super-market tabloids.  It occurred to me that many religions and superstitions all share the belief that believing in something gives it power.  So I began to wonder if some genius might have had the thought that creatures of darkness, monsters, demons, and the like may be weakened by presenting them in a comedic and unbelievable light.  By making said creatures into a sort of running joke it erodes their source of power.  That also led me to a scary thought.  Could it be that people like ourselves who have had experiences and know what is out there and rightly fear them actually be keeping them alive and powerful?  Maybe all humanity has to do to be safe is to forget there is danger.
godlypunk   posted:11/17/2010 3:31:18 PM  
Then why do these creatures seem to have territories? Why not just show up anywhere? Why wouldn't there be purple man eating bunnies? Steven Spielberg used reports from abductees to recreate the look of these alien creatures in his film Close Encounters. It was not popular before reports started coming in, it was popular after. Alien creatures in abduction history do not seem to follow the "Little Green Man" scenario as much as other types do.The way I see it, most of humanity HAS forgotten there is a danger / reality of spirit. That is the problem as far as I can tell not the solution.
tapuout4985   posted:11/17/2010 10:08:54 PM  
 I can see it going both ways.  Some creatures require human belief and faith for a power source, others don't.  Exactly the point of the question, which creatures out there get weaker and which ones don't.  Might one day find ourselves like Peter Vincent in Fright Night; standing there all confident with our crucifix in hand staring down The Enemy just to have him say," Oh really, you have to have faith for that to work on me."  Bummer.
godlypunk   posted:11/18/2010 1:30:57 PM  
Great movies by the way.
caniswalensis   posted:11/20/2010 9:22:33 AM  
I think the purpose of tabloids is to make money. Interesting idea though.I don't believe in ghosts, demons or monsters, even after having sought out and read hundreds of tabloid stories about them in my life.I think of these things as only ideas in our minds used to explain events that we do not perceive correctly.  I do agree that believing in these ideas makes them alive and powerful to us, but not as seperate entities with their own objective existance.

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