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The Siberian UFO Crater.

narxes   posted:6/22/2011 3:27:36 AM  
In the summer of 1949 researchers doing a survey of Russia met in Patomskom Plateau in the mountains of Siberia a strange crater in a place totally inaccessible. The discovery (as everything in ancient Russia) was stored for years without posasibilidade to be studied more details. According to scientists, requiring at least half a million tons of stone to build. The crater's size by itself is already impressive. Its height is 70 meters (20 floors) and the diameter of 180 meters. In 2006, Komsomol and a team of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences have been exploring the crater with high quality equipment which resulted in a surprising discovery. Experts participated in this expedition companies Irkutsk Reconnaissance Electric Company SA (IERP), themineralogy Pospjejew Alexander, head of the Wave Dynamics Laboratory of the Institute of Problems of Mechanics, RAS Igor Simon. The expedition detected a metallic object buried 100 meters deep at the center of the crater, elliptical, three-dimensional, 600-meters in size. The no ferrous metal is detected, is an alloy unknown to the scientists involved as any metal alloy on Earth. The conclusion reached is that something with those proportions could not have been taken there because of lack of transport 150 years ago and it would be impossible to do it today even with all of our current technology. It was a hole dug in the mountains and the object was placed perfectly into the hole, then the resulting rocks the excavation were "arranged" to look like a crater. As the region is extremely poor relief, it is impossible to take heavy equipment mining to try reach the object, much less think of it removed from the site. The age of the crater was measured between 150 and 200 years according to the Geological Survey bulletin. Unfortunately Google Earth does not have adequate resolution in place to see the crater in detail, but may check the inhospitable region where it is located. Coordinates: 59 ° 17'5 .20 "N 116 ° 35'40 .78 and L Who put it there and why? Is that going to wake up one day by aliens?   
spiritech0   posted:6/22/2011 10:29:37 AM  
I read that remote viewing the place is thwarted by the guard dogs because they can sense the psychic entity. It alerts their brainjobs, and thus endeth the search. Bu there's my movie script:The reason that vessel has been there all this time is because someone tried to steal a time machine that they obviously couldn't pilot, so the owners let 'em crash the damn thing, thinking us human vermin couldn't do much about it when we found it. Until Mutt Williams heroically gets through the Russian defenses, opens up the alien vessel, gets it to work, and he rescues his dad from the Atlanteans. Or something.

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