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Ghost Hunters

luvdase   posted:5/19/2008 4:51:08 PM  
I watch most of the other paranormal shows but Ghost Hunters is my favorite show!!!!!!!! I think they work hard to debunk and explain what else could be happening other than paranormal. And I have seen really cool happenings on the show despite the fact.
belial   posted:6/5/2008 3:02:17 PM  
First off hello my first post here. Did anyone catch the episode where they found the speakers and other stuff obviously meant to deceive?
luvdase   posted:6/5/2008 4:48:24 PM  
I watched it last night. I have seen this place on another ghost show years ago.I think that it was something like America's most Haunted Places.Anyway, they showed in the show that they had placed those devices above the lamps and behind the mirror, to enhance the experience for customers. Why they chose not to tell Ghost Hunters about it,doesn't make sense to me. Maybe they were testing them? Go figure.
Shadow of Man   posted:9/7/2008 10:18:16 PM  
Like to see it go off the air - how many times have I heard them say "We're here to help," only to leave the client with a 'yep you got a ghost - see ya!" They also talk about how bad other paranormal groups are and I would like to see once when they have Carl their 'demonologist' do a clearing or an exorcism to go back in a few weeks and check and see how it's gone - I bet there was no change. I really hate to see such an arrogant group with all that money behind them - I love when they comment about 'other' groups who charge for their services (even though I have never seen that) and yet they make loads of money off their investors, advertisers, and sales of TAPS merchandise. This is suppose to be the model for the paranormal investigation community. What a joke. Don't get me wrong, they have captured some good evidence, but with the money, time and manpower they can afford, it's no doubt they catch some evidence... dumb luck?
harper   posted:9/16/2008 7:08:37 AM  
all emotions aside, they are doing debunking textbook paranormal investigations.
Shadow of Man   posted:10/22/2008 5:36:22 PM  
As a member of SASWS Paranormal in Oregon, and familiar with most of the paranormal groups in this area of the Pacific Northwest, I often research other groups' websites that I come across online. I shy away from groups that say two things on their website, which I refer to as, "The Taps Mentality" toward the field. The first is when I see them claim "We advise you stay away from groups that charge for their services", a quote often repeated on the TV SHOW Ghost Hunters. When I see (or here) this self-righteous, we are holier than thou statement, it just makes that group look ridiculous because, I don't know about you, but with over fifteen years of experience in this field, I have never seen or heard of any group that does charge. (It's like the old proverbial Bigfoot, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for over fifteen years now, and I, nor anyone else I know has seen one.) Some may ask for pay to cover travel expenses if they have to travel a certain distance from their home area, and that is understandable, if there is no one in that area to help the person. This statement is a blatant claim of "We are so much better than the rest because WE are here to help people and by stating this fact it proves we are so much better" – aren't we all out there performing investigations to help? Every time I hear this statement made on Ghost Hunters, it makes me laugh. It makes them sound so terrific because they go out and do all this and don't ask for any money in the process. This is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. If anyone out there thinks they don't get compensated nicely for their performance, they are greatly mistaken. It is a TV SHOW – they have sponsors, and every channel that runs the show pays for it. Not to mention all the ridiculous merchandise and magazines they sell. Anyone who is in this field knows that you can't go from a small trailer in your front yard to a commercial building with a lease, without having money to put into it. Not to mention purchasing new vehicles between seasons. The cast and especially the crew get paid for doing the show. Besides, I have worked in the maintenance field for over ten years now and I have worked on job sites with many plumbers, and the only time I have seen two plumbers at the same job together is when one is in training. Not to mention that it must be a great job to be able to get a call from your "night job" and say, "give us ten minutes to finish up here and we'll be right over". I can just see telling the boss, "We had to take an hour off this afternoon to run over to the office of our other job and check something out." How long do you think you would be employed if you did that?The other "TAPS Mentality" statement I hate is "Ghosts are harmless, nothing to worry about." One particular episode of Ghost Hunters had a woman call them in fear, for she had a ghost in her home and she was afraid for her child. She had witnessed her child and the "invisible" ghost fighting over a toy. When the child let go the woman witnessed the toy hover in mid air for a moment and then fall. The glorious ghost hunters on TAPS dropped everything to take care of this client because those with children take top priority - isn't that wonderful. The TAPS crew came out and found evidence with EVP and when they showed the client the evidence she asked them to turn it off because it was making her even more scared. Then they told her, "yes you have a ghost, don't worry about it, everything will be fine," and they left. As they were driving home, Grant says, "Good job, we had to come and help." What the f**k! Where was the help? They leave the woman even more scared then when they arrived and their driving home all full of themselves – it does make them look good to get the evidence though! In a case like that, they should have either offered some advise on dealing with the situation, or even better yet, instructed her on how to protect herself and her family – at least to calm her and reassure her. Even, ask her if she would like them to put her in touch with someone to try and clear the home. Even though, I am glad to see their ridiculous "demonologist" gone now, that is always an option to consider especially if the home owner is scared to be in their own home.For those of you who like the TV SHOW - great, after all, its television - its entertainment. I just can't believe that people take them serious enough to make them the "poster child" for how investigation groups operate. I recently saw online somewhere a poll, for whether or not SCIFI Channel should take them off the air – I guess ratings have dropped, after all, what are they on Wednesday nights now? (By the way, I voted to give them the axe!) My opinion is to take a bit of advice from the show, one of my favorite by the way, and that is: "DUDE, RUN… from this TV SHOW!"
ofutile   posted:12/24/2008 4:03:44 AM  
wow... jealous much?
harper   posted:1/5/2009 5:33:52 AM  
i think maybe he talks too much. Could be jealous. I like taps. ghost hunters/whatever they wan to call themselves.
stellamaris   posted:8/24/2009 6:04:37 AM  
I also enjoy the programme. I think they've caught some pretty convincing evidence. I also like the way they set about debunking things as well. So yeah....
myprecious   posted:4/6/2010 9:57:39 PM  
I like the Ghost Hunters show because the shows that I have seen were places that I knew about.  This show also tells the history behind the locations.  The investigators seem just as interested in the history as the paranormal happenings that seem to be taking place there.
spiritech0   posted:4/9/2010 9:36:50 AM  
Jason and Grant need to put down their almost-full-spectrum VHS cameras and debunk their hotel-motel-holo-day-inn. "Jason and Grant, EVP session, checking out the easy chair for paranormal activity. :frrp:""Didja hear that?""Naw, it's just gas."(I'm typin' crap. I record that show, even though its "on demand".  Nerdy chix are hot. Oh, and EVPs are awesome. Get your own 'ghost box'.)
gloria    posted:4/9/2010 6:31:13 PM  
  well dammit, I have to agree with Shadow of Man.  He's correct in what he says.  When they were called Taps, they were new in this show, that became hot ,ratings were up,  why,  because they showed themsleves like two men who just wanted to prove there is ghost. all fine and dandy, but as it grew,  they lost all control, I notice that they started to used the words, "Debunk", when they did not before, it got worst, and it pist me off when they new is was paranormal, but they refused to say, it's haunted. because of science,  little things that people like me notice, because we really get into it, and when something is not correct.  we notice it, like Brian, remember Brian, he was one of the first who started with the show, he was funny, I like his personality...I just don't know where to start.  first of All, jason, and Grant always treated Brian with respect, always said what a great worker he was...then we have steve,  all changed, does anyone remember the time when jason and grant would put down Brian in national tv,  it was like day time soap, I HATE DAY TIME SOAP. I was turn off when the show was more about will brian get yell today, we all found out in the show that brian was going out with this girl who jason and grant did not like and telling him that he was messing up his work because of it..and how they like what is best for him, bla,bla,bla, and how she called while they were doing the show. Now listen up people, I saw that episode, and yes, someone kept calling him while he was working putting up the wires,  by then, Brian gave up, in his heart he knew he was going out.   He looked so unhappy, and did not care what happen.  anyway, alot happen, and I'm not about to sit here for an hour or two reminding you what happen.  I will say this: Brian loved what he did, just because they were all of a sudden in a show,  did not change his believes.  Then one day he was out, and steve became the next right hand guy, I am not about to put anyone down, especially when I don't know him, but this I will say,  and that's because I saw this during the show,  he was rude with Brian, even said that he did not want brian back in the show, and alot of bla,bla,bla. Anyway, there is just way to much drama,  Shadow of man was right because they did change once it became a high rated show, they did what the company wanted them to do, to say, or they will loose their good paying job,  Now I find out in "YOU TUBE'" About donna, remember her, one of the oldies but goodies who also left in really bad times with jason and grant...Go to YOU TUBE: AND WRITE , TAP LIES:DONNA LACROIX CONFESSES.  OR  GHOST DIVAS EXCLUSIVE.....maybe you'll understand ..happy trails..

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