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Dreamscape: The Vintage Computer Store

0x6a656666   posted:2/7/2011 1:31:42 AM  
I had a dream last night that I entered into a vintage computer store with Egon Spengler who re-introduced me to old computer equipment that I used to own but had totally forgotten existed. Here was one of the items. When I woke up, I had to do a search for them. I seriously had no recollection of these things until last night's lucid dream reintroduction.
Ghost6ix   posted:2/19/2011 11:42:06 PM  
mini pac man game....thats old school....1984 ????
lessworse   posted:2/20/2011 12:21:17 AM  
Was the other item something like a 16kb RAM Tandy computer ready for the tv?
0x6a656666   posted:2/20/2011 12:59:32 AM  
Yeah...that place had just about everything. Lots of old school machines. I spent one portion of the dream looking for a connector that could rig up a commodore Vic-20 to a modern day LCD. They actually had one of those, too.

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