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Telikinetics - fiction or non-fiction ?

Patrock   posted:12/2/2010 3:42:36 AM  
What do you think? is it real or fake ? can it be done by every one? i could use some source about telikinetics since i want to try it out my self too.   How to Learn Telekinetics   Eliminate doubt about the existence or nonexistence of telekinesis and remove logic from the learning process. Go to www.wingmakers.co.nz/ for a detailed description of the telekinesis learning process. According to the site, "You do not need doubt in your search for truth, especially not when it comes to the powers of the mind."   Focus on positive goals you want to accomplish using telekinesis. Concentrate on these goals through meditation in a quiet place.   Start with smaller, lighter objects such as a pencil or feather. Hold the object in your hand to feel its energy before you attempt to move or transform it with your own energy.   Breathe deep before you begin to practice. Keep your eyes and thoughts on the object you want to move or transform. Don't let your thoughts wander; think only about this object for about five minutes.   Develop these concentration skills to build up the amount of time you can focus on the object. Practice this meditation every day.   Stay calm and relaxed and have fun. Don't let frustration block your concentration and meditation. Keep practicing until you master the ability to move or transform an object with your own inner energy.  
erysian   posted:12/3/2010 2:28:18 PM  
A lot of those are good ideas, and might just help you learn t.k., though it's not guaranteed. Though I have to say in answer to #1, you need to keep something in mind here. Try not to have doubts about your abilities when you're trying this stuff, yea, but in general, you're gonna need some doubt on the search for truth. Most people present a lot of crap or just their own opinions as facts, so you have to have some discernment to wade through it.
stringmaster   posted:1/13/2011 2:57:57 PM  
everyone has this now hidden ability. its evolutionary. all humans used it at one point long ago. as a survival skill

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