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Fracking Gas Well Blowout in Pennsylvania - April 20, 2011

0x6a656666   posted:4/21/2011 12:59:15 AM  
Pennsylvania Gas-Well Blowout Forces Evacuation Workers lost control of a natural-gas well in rural Pennsylvania late Tuesday night, forcing the evacuation of local families and spilling chemicals into a nearby stream. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704570704576275353686652670.html And what are these 'chemicals'?  Truth Comes out on 'Fracking' Toxins The amazing list includes coffee grinds, salt, ceramic balls, walnut hulls, lead, petroleum distillates, methanol, (a dirty air pollutant) benzene, toluene, xylene and millions of gallons of diesel. Benzene will curdle the brain and the liver, while just a cup of diesel can make an Olympic-sized pool of water undrinkable. So the 'secret sauce' ingredients have now been released concerning fracking. Read the whole article (you should) here:  http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2011/04/20/FrackingToxins/ 

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