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itscrazytime   posted:4/26/2011 8:47:44 AM  
Just want some opinions. I have paranormal activity in my home. As far as I can tell, there are 2 possible entities. One is my grandfather, who built this house and who I have seen. I have talked to him in the past about where he is supposed to be and I believe his energy has moved on and I suspect the activity pertaining to him is residual. There is another entity who I believe to be intelligent. I am fairly certain that this entity is a visiting spirit and is associated with the fact that the land I live on was once an indian village. This person/spirit has been seen and heard by many people in my house including visitors.Now that that's out of the way...Last night I was sitting in my living room watching t.v. around 11:00 pm and I kept seeing lights in my yard. I looked out the window twice trying to see what these lights were, it looked like flashlights. My husband had given a neighbor permission to collect night crawlers from our yard and I thought it might be him and his son. Although I can't really explain the reflection of the lights through my windows, I realized that the lights I saw in my actual yard were a reflection off the glass of another neighbors outdoor lights. I chalked the lights coming in through the windows as car headlights and continued to watch t.v., it was raining and we were having a thunder storm, so even though the lights didn't look like the headlights usually do I figured it was reflections. Within 10 minutes I heard a car door shut , my dog starting barking and I really did see flashlights coming down my driveway. I opened the door and it was 2 police officers looking for my next door neighbor's house. There was a 911 call and he was having difficulty breathing. He has a heart condition and occasionally gets fluid around his heart. It is hard finding houses here because although it is a residential area, everyone has large yards and it's dark. I am absolutely positive that no one was out there when I first looked for the source of the lights.Premonition? Coincidence? Ghostly intervention?

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