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Screaming Skulls & Lesser-Known Phenomenon!

Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/28/2012 5:29:34 AM  
Hey Guys! just read a story by richard felix (historian) he told of taking a skull out of a pub and it screamed
at him... i looked more into this and apparently these cases are quite well documented... skulls that arent kept in graves but do not like to be disturbed nethertheless. apparently when touched moved or shown disrespect these skulls
let out inhuman screams and cause bad luck and so have gained a few believers, i had never heard of this phenomenon
before and it interested me enough to explore it i was wondering does anyone have any stories to do with this kind of thing or ideas or explanations. also is there any other interesting little known paranormal events or legends that anyone could inform me of always looking to research and look further into interesting occurences. much appreciated!
weldkatom   posted:3/28/2012 8:40:11 AM  
Search for Wardley hall,Bettiscombe manor,Tunstead farm,Higher farm,Chilton cantelo....there are many more similar stories.
weldkatom   posted:3/28/2012 8:45:03 AM  
I forgot perhaps the most famous one,The screaming skull of Burton Agnes hall.Enjoy!
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/28/2012 9:37:56 AM  
Thanks for the info i appreciate it... it seems the legends of these skulls have mostly been disproved (the person who it is said to belong to is proven to be wrong etc) yet the occurences carry on, maybe tinnitus or an ailment like along with the stories and legends maybe sleep paralysis (sleep paralysis seems to be my answer for everything haha) it all adds up and creates this illusion... like i said im new to this as a paranormal occurence so ill have to do more research before i give it creedence. thanks again for the information i will continue to look into this and other paranormal activities that seem to pass under the radar... like "ghost webs" and that thing where water drops on you randomly and there is no source... two other things ive tried researching with little results are when i lie in bed at night i see a light like someone has taken my picture a flash basically and the other is when you are walking down the street and you see a quick blue flash light up the sky and immediate area... i doubt these paticular things are paranormal but i would still like to find an explantion!
breeld   posted:3/28/2012 10:07:26 AM  
Bugsy-I have to say you gave me a good laugh this A.M. You mentioned tinnitus as a possible cause of hearing screaming skulls...Since I have tinnitus, I thought "Great googley goobers! Sure hope tinnitus doesn`t cause this, cause it would scare me bad!"
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/28/2012 10:36:32 AM  
HaHa my apologies... maybe i should have had more tact... if you dont mind me asking... how does tinnitus affect your paranormal experiences?
i only ask because i too have medical issues which could affect situations like this, if i am out of line just say so, it was just the first theory to come to mind is all
spooky1   posted:3/28/2012 1:36:38 PM  
I saw a show on this apparantiy u can get them on the internet ?
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/28/2012 2:11:21 PM  
spooky are you telling me you can buy screaming skulls online? wow! thats amazing and in a way messed up haha! do you buy it and put it on a shelf and one day out of the blue it just starts screaming at you? and what about inquiring houseguests? "o that skull ... yeah im just waiting for it to scream thats why its on my mantelpiece!" i hope i dont become a screaming skull haha
breeld   posted:3/28/2012 5:38:36 PM  

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Bugsy McCoy  posted:3/28/2012 10:36:32 AM  
HaHa my apologies... maybe i should have had more tact... if you dont mind me asking... how does tinnitus affect your paranormal experiences?
i only ask because i too have medical issues which could affect situations like this, if i am out of line just say so, it was just the first theory to come to mind is all
No problem-it was kinda funny to me. Anyway, I can`t tell it affects me in any way, except for the ringing and clicking etc. in my ears. And sometimes a little dizziness. My paranormal exp.`s are mostly dreaming things that come true and energy healing. But funny thing, most of the time I can heal others but not myself. go figger.
breeld   posted:3/28/2012 5:53:15 PM  
Bugsy-what happens to you when you have sleep paralysis?
LincolnGenghis   posted:3/28/2012 11:33:34 PM  
This skull thing is interesting I have never heard about it before.
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/29/2012 3:03:06 AM  

In Reply To:
breeld  posted:3/28/2012 5:53:15 PM  
Bugsy-what happens to you when you have sleep paralysis?
I Used to wake up completly paralysed and it would take me about half an hour to move again at which point i was completly worn out and would fall asleep... i had recently received some medical news regarding my back and figured that this was the cause it wasnt until i told a friend about my experiences and he informed me of sleep paralysis and told me of a documentry he had seen in which it discussed the old hag and all the hallucinations that go along with it... i was glad i hadnt had any of these experiences. but then the next time it happened i must have been affected by the knowledge because this time i felt absolute terror and dread and a woman with long black hair stood up from behind the TV and sat on my chest and stared at me intensely... a similar story to one i had heard was in the documentry... after this she never returned and i would always feel dread as if she was coming and i needed to move quickly then i started getting alot more audible hallucinations with the odd visual (once there was a t-rex outside my window). then i would be dreaming and people in the dream would stare at me and shout commands and there faces would become demon like, i would try to wake up and was paralysed and can see my room i am awake but the dream hasnt fully cleared at which point i get sucked back in the dream (and its the weirdest sensation) the commands get louder and fiercer until a huuge climax with a huge pounding mand voice screaming in my ear... i then sit right up in absolute terro and i can hear them laughing.... i had this so often that i now challenge them and argue with them which is hard because i am paralysed. also on the odd occasion i wake up paralysed and i slowly begin to move and which each movement feel more and more euphoric after which i fall asleep in pure ecstacy
i also sometimes hear someone tryign to break into the house but i cannot move to stop them... thouugh i know it can all be explained scientifically and its all chemicals being released into your brain... i often get the feeling its paranormal but not sure why.
breeld   posted:3/29/2012 5:57:38 AM  
That must be horrible to experience! I`ve had a few bad dreams that I couldn`t seem to awaken from, but nothing like that. I`ve also heard of sleep paralysis, but never really read up on it. Guess I will now. lol Anyway, seems strange that, as you say, other ppl have the same things happening. Makes you wonder if it really is a dream, or something else unexplained.
Bugsy McCoy   posted:3/29/2012 6:26:06 AM  
Yeah its definately strange how alot of people see old women and shadow men... and that experiences are incredibly similiar, when i first told my GP about it he informed me that my prescription might be exacerbating the sleep paralysis.... he also told me that if i had told of my experiences a few years earlier i might have ended up in a mental ward haha! i guess its only just being undestood on a scientific level but succubus/incubus attacks have been reported for centuries... below is a webpage which lists signs and symptons of demonic influence..


And here is an SP picture that i like aswell as more information...


there is also a well known 18th century painting "The Nightmare" by Henri Fuseli it depicts what very likely is a sleep paralysis hallucination (or maybe a night terror). An incubus, or male demon, sits on the paralyzed woman's chest, applying the pressure that is so often felt there during sleep paralysis episodes.

I have had some alien abduction sleep paralysis hallucinations and i can see how alot of abductees can belueve they are being taken away on to ships... etc however i do believe in alien abduction still.

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