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The sure mark of a fool & Anti-hydrogen

Wereparadox   posted:5/1/2013 10:13:33 AM  
The sure mark of a fool is a person who thinks that is impossible which lies outside his own experience. Not to long ago creating anti-matter was a nice science fiction tale. Now its part of what we "know" as real. What is real is what is changing all the time. I often wonder how if we don't have any idea about what is in excistance right now, how is that people are so sure what can possibly be our past. I think it best not to disscount completely any reasonable theory. (And maybe a few unreasonable) How often the smug smart guy learns that the truth is he knows doesn't even excist. The question is are you a smug fool or a wise one?

bobprin   posted:5/1/2013 4:40:48 PM  
I'm just your garden variety everyday hohum type fool. However my mind is wide open and few things surprize me. Knowing you're a fool is the smart way to avoid being fooled.

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