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The Anguished Man - Haunted Painting

0x6a656666   posted:6/22/2011 1:29:59 AM  
Been getting quite a few of these sent to my email and they're actually pretty interesting.  Sean writes: Hi, I set the camera up once more in the spare bedroom. The painting has been stored away since the last recording. I recorded over three nights for approx four hours per night, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. I recorded the usual banging noises but on the second night at approx. 3.25 a.m. I recorded the painting suddenly falling over and immediately afterwards a small orb is visible just above the painting. There were no drafts in the room and the painting was stood at an angle against the wall so it should not have been able to tip over by itself. I also experienced the strange mist again at the top of the stairs, it was like I was suddenly surrounded by smoke and I became very cold but then it just vanished as quickly as it came.  
spiritech0   posted:6/22/2011 10:10:39 AM  
Dorian?! Seriously, it's either the painter or the subject that totally hates the end result.
nfparanormal   posted:8/4/2011 1:16:34 PM  
What is the story behind it? I have always heard of the painting but i never really knew the story! Any good links to send me to!  Great video by the way!
ArchangelMetatron   posted:8/4/2011 1:45:21 PM  
Creepy stuff!!  Good video Jeff.
spiritech0   posted:8/4/2011 10:39:53 PM  
After the picture drops, at 29 seconds this sliver of light manifests where the upper left of the picture was. I first thought, "Aha... String. Done." And then I replayed the video. It's not string, it's a wave of light. It bugs me bcause a "ghost hand" should've been visible as the pic was tipping over, not so long afterwards. Perhaps it was headlights from a passing car peeking though a window and over some decor?I wonder if next time, a night vision and a infrared camera, digital thermometer, and EMF gadget would show more concerning that? This site should have some other ideas for creating cost effective gizmos that read environmental data surrounding the painting.:http://makezine.com/magazine/

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