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Stickmen, or Stick Man

skywatcher330   posted:5/5/2010 5:54:16 PM  
Does anymove have any information on the stick men of Pennsylvania? I came across an article (that I now cannot locate) having to do with the legend of these stick people that have reportedly been seen picking apples in orchards. One sighting was of one of these creatures walking along the side of a road; it stood over 7 feet in height and resembled a very skinny sasquatch. The person who had the sighting thought the being was too thin to be a sasquatch but said it matched the descriptions of the legendary stickmen. From the lone description they sound similar to the fictional "Ents" from Lord of the Rings - tree people of a sort. Wild stuff!!
godlypunk   posted:5/12/2010 2:50:17 PM  
Interesting, never heard of them before. I had a sighting in the early ninties (93ish) in Ohio of a creature that moved across a dirt road in front of me. It went from an old orchard that was on one side of the road into the woods on the other. What puzzled me was the creature was white and hairy approximately 6 to 6.5 feet tall. I never reported it because it didn't make any sense to me at the time. I'd never heard of a white sasquatch before. I wondered though if it had been eating the apples in the old rundown orchard. It was in late summer so there would have been fruit there. A year or two ago I heard mention of sightings in Ohio around that time of a white sasquatch and wanted to kick myself for not reporting it.
skywatcher330   posted:5/13/2010 9:47:54 PM  
Definitely sounds like Mr. Sasquatch. I've heard of a handful of white sasquatch sightings - the yeti being the most famous. There was a sighting in Florida as well as Missouri (I think) and the best theory is that these animals are albino which, in my mind, is further proof that these animals exist. Ohio has been a hotspot for sasquatch for a long long time. The height (6 to 6.5 ft) sounds like you saw a young sasquatch as they get a heck of a lot taller.
dollyfinn   posted:5/26/2010 2:37:01 PM  
Skywatcher330-This is really interesting as I am from Pennsylvania. Can you share which part of the state this legend is suppose to be from?

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