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conspiracy theories going overboard

wavygravy7   posted:8/28/2011 9:17:37 AM  
Those of you that know me know that I'm a beliver of many things and I am no skeptic.It seems here as of late it has been crazy on the internet.Comet Elenin is going to turn us into zombies,HAARP is killing sea monkeys off the cost of japan.Planet X is 100 miles away now but we can't see it.I think all of this muddies the waters of the paranormal.Thats what my beef is.Elenin is not going to block out the sun for 3 days it's a crappy comet that we will barely be able to see with the naked eye.So why are so many people making claims that these things are going to kill us or change earth forever?I feel that something may happen is the near future,maybe alot of people are feeling that too and are grasping at straws in an attempt to figure out whats going on? 
JOSMAN087   posted:8/28/2011 4:46:53 PM  
We are threatened by everything in our universe and people are starting to wake up to that and like talking about it to others because it makes them feel normal and safe.  I say we just live our lives, becuase there is nothing we can do about it.  If you find the path to the next plain then you will and if you dont then you were not ment to. 
Omen502   posted:8/29/2011 3:48:51 AM  
     OK,  I think I have found a person who has seemingly valid and crucial information.  I have the link below.  This mans name is John Moore  He has a site called Libertyman.com  Wavy,  I think you might be right about comet elenin.  What I think is there are going to be ceremonies happening that night.  This radio interview I have come across last night by a friend and it touches on the comet and everything else that is happening.  This guy talks about global effects and what is happening also goes into the Denver airport and also talks about the movie close encounters of the 3rd kind having hidden denver airport messages.  It is a must here.  Berfore you goto this ling note that it is an hour long but somewhere a quarter into it gets cut off.  I suggest skipping the middle until John Moore calls back in.  He explains much information and is a homicide detective that is very decorated.  This also talks about "the black Knight satalite" which is supposed to be a satalite found in 1959 which was man made and also having a polar orbit.  This was up there before the russian "sputnik" was launched.  Anyway I am going to investigate further and hope that you will listen to this because it clears up a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YagkV7n15TY
LincolnGenghis   posted:8/29/2011 5:25:14 AM  
I know about  the whole Denver complex set up and they are idiots,, they wasted allot of money. If you really want to know what is going on look into things going on at South Pole. Not B.S. stuff, but trudge thru real science papers (which are enough to put most people asleep) that are purposely laden with filler material that would bore the average person to death. Inbeetwen the lines you can piece it togather yourself. Basicly we are in for another global reset. I plan on BBQing that day and having a cooler full of beer.The satalite you are more then likely talking about is from the last shift
LincolnGenghis   posted:8/29/2011 7:05:42 AM  
Ohh I forgot.. Wavygravy7 you are more then welcome to come over to my place .. have some BBQ and some beer on the suposed doomsday. either way it happens or it does not and you me and any freinds and family I invite over will have a nice laid back relaxing time. You are correct, everyone is going off their nuts obsessing about the whole thing, and there are a bunch of greedy pigs marketing on the despiration and fear that people have over the whole thing and they feed on it for profit. Believe me I have seen and heard it all on the net (Gems like... how and where to survive doomsday send me 19.95 and I will tell you.) Everyone obsessing about the Mayan calender does not understand it at all. all the calenders the Myans had were circular so why would they make the long count one any different? all the long count one indicates is a grand celestial alignment and it starts over again. (it should actually usher in a new age of peace and harmony and lay waste to all the evil in the world.) 
spiritech0   posted:8/29/2011 10:28:06 AM  
I saw a segment of The Learning Channel (TLC: cable station), "Livin' For The Apocalypse"....... Smart people, buuut I'm thinkin' the baddies and/or Mama Nature have more power than my junk science... Just sayin'.... I'll bring the tater salad and some cheesecake. LOL
Omen502   posted:8/29/2011 11:07:26 AM  
     Yeah I dont know if it will cleanse the world of evil, seeing as though the ones that are evil will be the ones in the bunkers.  I think we might need some assistance whether by god or aliens really.   yeah I'll bring a cooler full of Steaks and some liqour.  Well,  maybe I'll just hiest a few trailers of cows.  
LincolnGenghis   posted:8/29/2011 8:25:58 PM  
They will find out that those bunkers are some very expensive tombs, bunkers are only good as war shelters or to keep crazies out. Steaks would be great just make sure they are not from any alien mutilated cattle, they might have some kind of disease. What I would really like to do is grill up one of those chupacabra things and see if it tastes like chicken. It might be slightly on the gamey side though so I will use allot of BBQ sauce. Might have to wash it down with some Jim Beam and Becks also.
Omen502   posted:8/30/2011 2:14:26 AM  
   lol   touche' micheal  touche'
wavygravy7   posted:8/31/2011 9:01:10 AM  
It's Bring your own whatever!We can't do anything about most of this stuff.We all know if the goverment knew we were in danger they wouldnt tell us.That is pretty scary by itself.We can't live in fear,so i will goto Michaels party and have a good time!
spiritech0   posted:8/31/2011 10:16:34 AM  
I'll drink the zombie virus to that! LOL
LincolnGenghis   posted:9/1/2011 5:54:48 AM  
 December 2012 here is going to be slightly on the cold side but I will still be firing up the BBQ

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