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The Blond Haired People from the sea...

gloria    posted:4/9/2010 7:35:26 PM  
   Like everyone else, I have heard of all kinds of living beings, not just blond hair people who lives in the sea, So many people since the 1920's till now that have written books, and even did all kinds of paintings about it...one is from china, or japan,  I really can't remember, it was a drawing, someone who have seen her, posibly talked to her, the drawing was of a tall asian woman, with clothing used as the custom was at that time, it was simple but nice. She was standing next  to her really small space ship, it looks like only one passenger is allowed, it was at the ocean, and it said something about her coming to visit so many time of years.    she was not blond,  I did read a book of DR. J. ALLEN HYNEK AND PHILIP J. IMBROGNO WITH BOB PRATT.  But there is one book that I read: INTERDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE , written by philip imbrogno,  It talks about ufo's, and how people  remeber this really tall but blond blue eyes people very good looking, who are from the sea, and the universe....it has alot of dates, places people well known who also talk about them.

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