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Black Cat Sacrifices

TaraStreet   posted:1/16/2012 6:07:52 PM  
Having a all black, beautiful, cat of my own (who goes by Raven) this is something I looked into when I heard about it. When I adopted her I had been told about the hold they put on them in the rescue shelters, and then recently saw a news story where they had put a hold on them again due to Friday the 13th.

Why? Because Black cats are often adopted on "Devils Night" for ritualistic sacrificing. Apparently, at least around here, the shelters feel the need to also protect the cats on Friday the 13th as well.

Cats throughout time have been treated to the extent Gods and Goddesses are treated in some cultures, and as minions of the devil in others.

Very interesting reading looking into this, and this is only a bit of the information available there is tons of it out there.

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spooky1   posted:1/17/2012 6:10:46 AM  
Yes IV heard this to working in vet hospital & shelters. It absolutely.sickens me! These beautiful animals being killed & tortured for any reason is grotesque! The people who do these thing should have the same thing happen to them, or spend 5mins in a room with me!

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