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strange cloud

link1625   posted:7/31/2011 8:29:12 AM  
a few days ago, i saw a cloud that was pointing straight up and down. it was long and straight, like a pencil. All the other clouds were moving but this one. then it started to turn counterclockwise. when it was done moving it had pointed at an area on the ground.  one end was longer then before. I ran in to find my dad to show him, but when i went back out, i saw what looked like a black beam thing coming out of the end of the cloud. After a while, the beam disapeared. Them the cloud started to turn until it was pointing left to right. then it floated away. i followed it, but after a while, it faded away.
wavygravy7   posted:8/1/2011 9:53:22 AM  
Wish you got some video of that.I think that ships hide n clouds that they generate.Never heard of the black beam thing kinda weird!The pointing up and down is weird too IDK why they would want to do that.Possible cigar shaped ufo.When I look up at the sky I'm always lookng for something strange like that but have never seen anything.
Skeptic47   posted:8/1/2011 11:31:35 AM  
 You followed... a cloud?

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