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Monsters In The Neigh-boar-hood: Cannock Chase

Lee Brickley   posted:8/4/2013 9:08:22 PM  
Search for "Cannock Chase" on the internet and you will come across a wealth of articles and websites referring to the area as one of England's top paranormal/UFO hotspots – a strangely alluring and ultimately warranted title. For generations this forest in Staffordshire has been home to the highest concentration of odd reports in the entire country, from aliens and werewolves to big cats and ghostly apparitions, Cannock Chase is known by enthusiasts and researchers across the globe for them all, but the most diabolical and peculiar creature to inhabit this mysterious woodland has to be the half human / half pig beast, known locally as "The Pig-Man".

The story of the Cannock Chase Pig-Man has deep origins dated back around 70 years to wartime England when the region was occupied by the British army who constructed two huge training camps in the forest. These camps, located at Rugeley and Brocton were some of the largest around, interestingly it is estimated that well over half a million troops passed through on their way to fight on the front-line – a staggering figure for a 26 mile square area I'm sure you'll agree.....................

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