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Reworking the idea of ghosts

doctorbooshka   posted:3/25/2014 11:38:44 AM  
What are ghosts and do they actually exist? It is a question that comes up frequently when speaking of the paranormal. One thing we as paranormal investigators tend to agree on is that manifestations are energy. We use EMF meters to detect those fluctuating currents that some believe denotes a spirit. One thing I have noticed in my research, is the lack of full bodied apparition pictures. Almost every haunted spot in the world has first hand reports of seeing full bodied apparitions. Why then are we not getting these apparitions on film? Then a thought occurred to me, what if the energy is sending an image directly to the brain, which might well explain why we don't capture them on our cameras. What if the energy is utilizing your own memory an presenting an image that suits you. Most people who see apparitions always note the clothing and correlate it to a time. Are these energies or spirits really even those of the dead, or have we literally utilized energy and believed in it so much that we've actually created ghosts. Now obviously I have nothing to truly back this theory but as we continue to understand the unknowns of the world it is important as researchers to broaden our view. Our brains are very powerful machines and its one we don't fully understand yet. Any ideas out there on how one would be able to experiment with this idea?

-Doctor Booshka
elkburgersandbeer   posted:3/28/2014 5:47:09 AM  
Assuming good sightings arent hoaxes, there are plenty caught on camera. As far as what spirits are...who knows. I once had a theory. A lot of my experiences make me think their is just ghost and demons and its all above my intelligence. However, if the sightings are nothing creepy and seem to be glimpses of people or events in the past...maybe thats what were seeing? I visualized it like one of the current ideas of the big bang theory in that you have sheets lets say, of different dimensions, and at times these sheets collide. Well, what if space and time have sheets that do this? So were standing at location a in time a, but we see an accident letting us see location a time b. B could be past or future.
gary107   posted:3/28/2014 10:55:47 AM  
Linc, is that you? elkburgersandbeer ?
gary107   posted:3/28/2014 12:58:41 PM  
in the photo collection in Balboa Park there is a photo from the early 1920's of a door between rooms in the first downtown library that shows a lady working behind a desk and a 1890's San Diego lady of note at the doorway, not a double exposure and at least 20 years between the two events. The people who work with the collection find it interesting. Mrs. Whaley is the transparent 1890's lady in the doorway. The Whaley House in old town San Diego is reported widely to be haunted. A past time event caught on a photo taken twenty years later?
Jaxerback   posted:5/9/2014 10:37:00 PM  
A time/dimensional slip?
DirtBird   posted:5/17/2014 9:49:19 AM  
Doctor... And I use the term loosely... What you don't consider and what is most probable is that people are imagining they see a ghost when it fails to show up on camera. It is simply not there. You are right in one regard.. The mind is very powerful.. And if it wants to see a ghost, it will.

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