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New topic up about the Time Traveling John Titor,

destinyofahuman   posted:7/11/2011 2:29:49 AM  
I just posted my newest topic; the story of the supposed time travler John Titor. Also, I have a new poll up so go cast your vote on what you would do if you had the ability to time travel, and please comment with your own opinions about everything. I would love to be able to discuss anything and everything you think about all of these unexplained topics. So friends, lets get to debating, shall we?www.destinyofahuman.blogspot.com  
godlypunk   posted:7/11/2011 4:13:13 PM  
Hmmm. Really hard to tell with this. Did he ever mention the weather or global conditions of that sort in the future? If he was going to 'prove' it he could have mentioned some obvious future dates of things. But then, maybe he didn't care to prove it. But then why say anything at all to us?
destinyofahuman   posted:7/11/2011 7:49:36 PM  
Thats the thing, he made a few different predictions; some come to be true, some didn't. But he also talked about parallel dimensions so that may be why a few of his years were off. But what really got me was just how nonchalant he was about the whole thing, he didn't really care if you believed a word of what he said or not. 
godlypunk   posted:7/12/2011 12:32:56 PM  
I would imagine that travelling like that one would need to be quite meticulous. Since what you do would have rippling effects. It would be dangerous to run around changing things. I could see where you could back yourself into a corner.....if you mess something up, do you go back and change something else? Then, what if that changed something else and so on and so on. Exponentially this could become catastrophic to your reality in the future....and you could wind up going back to a slightly different reality.When I saw the helicopter hieropliph in Egypt it made me wonder if the helicopter was from our time. Did we or our government go back and try to 'adjust' something?Sorry, I don't know much about this gentleman. I will look at it more when I have a bit of 'time'. :) But, did he talk about thiis cause and effect thing? Also, what if each tiny integer of time creates an off shoot of dimension... If that is true I would think that it would be easy to get lost among the variables.

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