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TornadoKnight   posted:1/3/2013 2:50:25 PM  
Heya everyone,

I just signed up here. I'm interested in pretty much all the subjects you explore here. So this looks like another great online resource.

I'm a member of a local paranormal group, NPS, Nebraska Paranormal Society.


I'm also a programmer for an awesome, long running radio show, EUP, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena.


Feel free to stop by and check us out.

See you on the screen!

Matt Mundorf
spooky1   posted:1/3/2013 3:47:15 PM  
Welcome to the family :)
Wereparadox   posted:1/3/2013 5:21:38 PM  
That's a great handle. I summon tornado knight. He has +5 to paranormal resources.
TornadoKnight   posted:1/3/2013 6:05:07 PM  
@ Spooky1. Thanks for the Welcome!

@ WereParadox. I have come to do your bidding!
Jaxerback   posted:1/3/2013 8:22:39 PM  
Welcome to the Asylum.
My advice to you is to RUN...RUN AWAY and don't look back if you wish to keep your sanity.
If not then hop on the crazy train!!
breeld   posted:1/4/2013 6:37:47 AM  
Ditto to what they all said. Welcome.
bobprin   posted:1/4/2013 7:04:19 AM  
Cool, I worked out of omaha for two years. You aren't fixiated with prime numbers or transvestite entertainers I hope.
TornadoKnight   posted:1/4/2013 9:44:46 AM  
@ Jazerback & Breeld, Thanks also for the welcome.

@ Bobprin, Not really fixiated with either. Heh.
0x6a656666   posted:1/4/2013 11:07:44 AM  
It's always nice getting new regulars. Welcome!
gary107   posted:1/4/2013 2:49:02 PM  
welcome storm chaster, when I was young [back in the days of black and white T.V.] I was told the answer to UFO's and how we came to be would be found by studying the patterns to the prime numbers: "Gary Brumwell, patterns to the prime numbers" on google. That religion was merely ancient politics confused over historical time: "Gary Brumwell,
A NEW NUMBER FOR AN OLD BEAST" That there are reasons of how and why governments do "cover ups" and there are simple ways around them. That the RSA number encoding process will not be broken in our time, and other assertions along these lines. I give the example of George Washington, but they are slow to pick up on the hints. As his publishers told Stephen Hawkins concerning his book on time: no more than 2 scientific formulas per ten pages. Their reading comprehension is low. Welcome to 8 bit processing land. The Black Forest/Roswell ladies were reported to be polydactyl [six digits], oriental looking with hazel blue eyes. I think they functioned in a society based on a collective mind. I suggest not using more than two syllable words around here. They are slow enough already, do not send them running for a dictionary. Welcome.
gary107   posted:1/4/2013 2:53:58 PM  
/..storm chaser.
spooky1   posted:1/4/2013 3:10:30 PM  
Gar, I'm sorry bud but I just cant understand u.maybe I'm just not smart enough
gary107   posted:1/4/2013 3:39:04 PM  
the other kind of Irish guy gets up set when I explain the real understanding behind the death of the Fitzgerald Kennedy brothers, hope he is not reporting all our names to some of his locals, and how J Fitzgerald Kennedy passed on military intelligence to the German navy in 1942 causing his transfer to the South Pacific.
Spooky1: I suggest they are slow, nothing said regarding "smart." In a high school experimental science class we were give a project and asked to determine the at which an item oscillated and to produce a graph and deduce the formula on how it change mas extra wt. was added. I was done in 3 minutes, the rest of the class took 45 minutes and half of them got it right. Slow does not mean they are not smart, just slow to pick up. Them phone rings awhile before being answered, that is all.
spooky1   posted:1/4/2013 3:45:03 PM  
Yes I'm slow so in school I was classified as "stupid" .Thx for the "slow don't mean stupid " makes me feel better
Jaxerback   posted:1/4/2013 8:09:34 PM  
As I said...RUN!!
breeld   posted:1/5/2013 6:47:08 AM  
Well, Gary breaks `em in right off the bat! If they`re still around
after that, they`ll probably fit right in.
gary107   posted:1/5/2013 9:40:17 AM  
"Hey Jack, I know a way we can bring a lot of business into Kaisar Ship Building. Have you ever rolled your own cigs ?"
breeld   posted:1/5/2013 4:45:37 PM  
Gary`s mind works like this;
Have you ever rolled your own cigs dammit I dropped my cig in my shoe hell there`s a hole in my sock gotta get my shoes on gotta go to the store need milk damn think I`ll have some cereal need to wash a bowl guess I`ll mop the floor hey macarena lalalalala
Poor Gary. I understand. Mine does that sometimes, too.
bobprin   posted:1/5/2013 5:07:19 PM  
Yeah, RUN!!!
breeld   posted:1/5/2013 5:29:37 PM  
Run, Forest, Run!

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