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Virgin Mary(?) Seen in the Sun in South Africa - April 20th, 2011

0x6a656666   posted:4/25/2011 1:50:58 AM  
Make up your own mind about this one. Whatever it is, it's strange.
divinity   posted:4/25/2011 2:18:16 AM  
Uhh ya so thats pretty legit, i bet the camera doesnt do the actual sight justice, seeing it with your own eyes would probably be more vivid. Looks like hmmm 2nd coming of you know who, to judge the living and the dead??
Joshy Unbound   posted:4/25/2011 6:33:15 AM  
This doesn't surprise me nor does it impress me. The video shows very little to be honest and is more of an exploitation of reactions than anything else. I read a long time ago that HAARP-like technology would be utilized to create a one-world religion. Christianity is the logical choice as it is the dominating creed on our planet as well as one of the most violent, oppressive and easily manipulated. One can never forget that the worst of these people tend to see Jesus in toast, teach their children that dancing and joy are offensive to God and that it’s perfectly alright to be hateful toward other people.I believe that true spirituality is a very personal experience and is quite individualistic. “Seeing” the Virgin Mary in a sunburst (or whatever) is so generic, so manipulative and obvious that it reeks of deceit. And from what little I can see on this video the “vision of Mary” is so commonly iconic that it’s laughable! I mean, they might as well have projected the damn Easter Bunny in the clouds for good measure! Therefore, I personally find such vulgar displays frightening especially when it occurs in a country where Christianity is not a native belief system but a luridly forced deception perpetrated on an already desperate and perversely exploited people. New-born Christians over there are quite fanatical and sickeningly homicidal. There are reports coming out of Africa of mothers murdering their children in the name of Christ!If even remotely "authentic" this is textbook mass manipulation. Somewhere a little scientist is laughing his maniacal little head off and DARPA honchos are cheering!
divinity   posted:4/25/2011 10:39:22 AM  
is anything ever taken at face value anymore? it seems like every event that happens is a smoke screen for something else.
Joshy Unbound   posted:4/25/2011 2:55:47 PM  
Naïveté has wrought nothing but disappointment and enslavement, history proves that. Have you ever heard the adage that whatever technology and science we are privy to is actually decades outdated? In Japan they recently demonstrated for the public a massive Loch Ness Monster hologram out in the bay. If you think that such technology is only going to be utilized for silly little gadgets at Sharper Image, you are quite the naïve one there, divinity. You are certainly allowed to believe that the Virgin Mary appeared in all her basic renaissance “glory” in a sun beam over Africa if you wish, but there are some of us that are not going to be so gullible.
narxes   posted:4/26/2011 4:21:33 AM  
lets all stare at the sun and get permanent eye damage. yaaayi dont buy this, i guess i have to see it with my own eye's and get them damaged too.
divinity   posted:4/26/2011 10:25:13 AM  
There's no way Joshy knows what that is, if it was made by an alien its still too much for his and our peon brains to comprehend, lets not make judgements and affirmations to what is true without fully considering that there is no way to prove either way what the fuck is in the sun. Lets just remember though, no on believed Jesus was the th Son of God. Also, naive is not the word, I do believe the government has conspiracies, and decieves the world, but when people think everything is a God damn conspiracy theory it gets to my nerves, for all we know that could be mother Earth showing herself, because everyone forgets that Mother Earth is real God we should pray to, not the phallic symbol we use as God, the Earth mother is always forgotten..... Think a little
divinity   posted:4/26/2011 10:54:23 AM  
The ignorance of the world is based on making affirmations on things you dont know the whole truth about, I never said i actually believed it was Mary, that could be a number things in the sun. Naivete? your what the french call "les incompetant"
JamieB   posted:5/4/2011 10:57:43 PM  
Mary is just a myth anyway along with jesus and the rest of that crap. If it were all true why would she appear in the sky? just saying "hello"? plus how do we know what she looked like (if she exsisted)? its all bollox, like jesus appearing on a slice of toast. People are blinkered, they see what they want to see and intereprit it in accordance with their beliefs. Huff over.

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