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Are there any prophecies about white shamans?

0x6a656666   posted:3/29/2010 8:18:58 AM  
Just looking into this, but don't have enough info. I'm just curious if the infiltration of white shamans down in South America is some type of CIA operative, or if there truly is a prophecy of white shamans being the 'new' shamans.
Shadow of Man   posted:4/1/2010 12:22:36 PM  
New Age shamanism (Core) and traditional shamanism are two different things. Culture, location and instructional technique have everything to do with the “practice” of shamanism. Historically most “white shamans” have come from Russia. In Europe, where druidism was practiced, there may have been shamans, but there is no historical evidence to that.Traditionally, shamans were apprenticed in a lengthy, arduous process that took years to accomplish. Today, many “shamans” of the New Age either pay for an internet course or read a book and “presto” they are a shaman. Their form of study is a generic, eclectic, “watered down” version of a traditional apprenticeship, without the self-sacrifice and “true” connection to spirit. Culture and location have a lot to do with how the shaman performs their tasks and what tools they may utilize, as well as, what spirits he/she may work with.Some cultural styles are similar. For example, the native Pacific Northwest tribal shamans are similar in their practice to Siberian shamans. These similarities of course have to do with location and the exchanges of cultural contact.As far as your question of prophecies about white shamans, I’m sure there are in Russia, but I do not know their mythology, so I couldn’t give you any specifics.

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