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Paranormal Seminar/Ghost Hunt February 15, 2014

beeye872   posted:2/7/2014 5:49:46 PM  
My Paranormal Team will be hosting our second Paranormal Seminar/Ghost Hunt on February 15, 2014. We are doing it at the same location as we did our first one back in November. At the first one we had a total of 19 people who participated and we had an awesome time. The way we put on our seminars is like this: We arrive at the location, take up the money (only $10.00 per person), then we "dig in" to the finger foods and refreshments (provided by each participant in a covered-dish style setting) and we begin our seminar while partaking in the good food.

Our seminar is basically just each member of my team selecting a subject on the paranormal and speaking for a few minutes about it. Usually, we go over the different theories behind "ghosts" and how each one of us feel about each theory. We then discuss our past investigations and some evidence we have obtained. Each member selects different equipment and/or investigatory techniques and discusses each. We then ask for any questions from the participants.

After the seminar is complete (usually around an hour), we then investigate the location by breaking off into groups and investigate different rooms within the location. We have gotten some cool evidence at this location in the past. I hope this time is as much a success as last. We are shooting for 30 people (not sure if we'll reach it). I posted the following on our current Facebook venue:

"Hey EVERYONE!!! I Hope you're all as excited as I am for next Saturday (February 15th). Some things you may need to know: 1. The Location is the People's Place in Leivasy, WV. (The Old Grade School, Jam Room). 2. We will start at 5 pm with finger food/refreshments. Seminar will begin during eating and we will start investigating around 6pm. 3. Contact Debbie Bond to let her know what type of finger food you will be bringing. 4. Bring any type of equipment you'd like. The only things NOT to bring is ouija boards, or any other demonic or seance items. WE DO NOT PRACTICE THESE THINGS! Please bring cameras, voice recorders, flashlights (preferably mini maglites with the twist-type head. 5. Please come with an open-mind. Not all investigations yield positive results. We may not get anything or me may even get demonic-type responses (if this occurs, please immediately let us know so we can guide you on how to deal with it). Hopefully the energy there will respond to us as it has in the past. 6. If you're a die-hard non-believer, we still welcome you. Some of the experiences may change your mind. BUT, if you are there just to disprove everything, do it silently and don't disturb anyone who may be experiencing something different than you are. 7. We will wrap things up around 10pm (I have to be at work at 12). 8. Photos will randomly be taken during all activities for our upcoming website (if you don't want to be photographed, please let us know). 9. Charge is $10.00 a person (donated directly to the Jam Room) 10. HAVE FUN!!!"
scardycat   posted:2/8/2014 11:48:18 AM  
That sounds awesome... nothing like that ever happened near me

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