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Myrtle Hill Cemetery Paranormal Investigation Unearth's Animal Mutilation Used in Santeria Ritual.

myfirstnameisterry   posted:1/23/2014 5:20:43 PM  
The original article, and more similar articles, can be found at The Agency for Eternal Justice's webpage. Reprinted with permission.

Actual video footage from the investigation, including the 'findings of mutilation', available at the original website posted above.

Date of Trip: August 10, 2012

Time of Departure: 10:30 PM

Address: 4002 N. 50th St.

Tampa, Florida

Participants: Terry, Manny, Ryan, Keishla, Chris, Joey, Gracie & Mango

Groups: Terry, Manny, Ryan = Group 1

Chris, Joey, Grace, Keishla & Mango = Group 2

Lunar Cycle: Crescent

Weather: Fair, decent cloud cover.

The Myrtle Hill Cemetery is comprised of several different cemeteries. We visited the older section (the formal Myrtle Hill Cemetery), the Garden of Memories, and the Centro Espanol Memorial Cemetery. Special mention is to the giant spiders that spin their webs around the trees that are scattered throughout the grounds. They are the size of soda cans, if not bigger. Also, maybe due to the rain, but a section of the older Myrtle Hill cemetery seemed to be flooded and bog-like. There was a sink-hole in the Central Espanol Memorial Cemetery, and several trees that appeared to be struck by lightning scattered across the grounds. Finally, while we did not encounter law enforcement officers, the sprinklers did a good job at keeping us in line. There were plenty of gnats, but no mosquito swarms to speak of.

As far as haunts go, I was able to learn of a young cheerleader, who, in a accident crashed her car and passed away far too early. Many people feel drawn to her grave in the Garden of Memories (she is in the smaller Mausoleum). We brought a Barbie to use as a trigger object.

Prior to the Investigation:

I reached out to a paranormal investigator who had visited this site previously. I asked for some more information regarding the tragic accident of Stephanie and more information on where to find her grave. The following is this correspondence:

Hello Terry,

Thank you so much for contacting me. Yes, we do feel that Stephanie is a spirit at the mausoleum there. I have her last name on the tip of my tongue. In fact, I'm usually the one who CAN remember her last name, as often my colleagues tend to forget it. Ugh! How weird!! I do believe it begins with a "C." If I remember, I will certainly email you. I can tell you this though, I have been in touch with her best friend. This girl recently emailed us in regards to Stephanie and how she met her untimely fate. Apparently, Stephanie was driving home one very rainy and stormy night when she lost control of her car. She hit a group of trees. When she was found, she was draped over the gear shift which had impaled her liver, causing her to bleed to death before help could be given. Very sad, as I do believe she was only 16 at the time. Stephanie's best friend also told us a bit of info on her family. From what I understand, her mother once worked at Myrtle Hill selling cemetery plots. Stephanie's best friend does not deny that she is a restless soul. I know that I have felt her energy around me many times, and we have received high readings just around her crypt face. Now, according to her friend, Stephanie always loved playing with Barbie Dolls. I know she was a teen when she died, but she still loved her dolls. Her friend has mentioned bringing her a Barbie Doll upon visiting next. Maybe an idea for you all if you have one, or wish to purchase an inexpensive one? Stephanie's final resting spot is located in the Garden of Peace Memorial Cemetery section of Myrtle Hill. When coming from the highway (not sure of how you will be arriving), you will see the cemetery where Stephanie is on your right. There are three parts of the cemetery. The original Myrtle Hill section is on the left. It is very old and historic. I would advise NOT going to that one at night as it is heavily patroled by police. It is also the section that receives the most vandalism, hence why police activity there is so heavy. I was once told by an officer there that there are some "sketchy" individuals that roam the grounds at night and some like to even perform satanic-like rituals on top of the graves. So just be careful. In the section where Stephanie is located, I have never seen police, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Sometimes the mausoleum is locked, so just be ready for that. I would say, 95% of the time it is not. You will see the mausoleum upon entrance; you can't miss it. When you enter, Stephanie's crypt face will be on your left. There is a picture of her. There are also niches in the center of the cemetery, which I would encourage you to check out. Had some amazing experiences there. Finally, do not leave without going to the far end, just past the middle section of the cemetery. There is a third section, the newest part, of Myrtle Hill. There, you will find a large, open-air style mausoleum. Some of my scariest moments have been there, and just outside of it. Once again though, there is some police activity in that portion…but, in addition to the "living" police officers you will sometimes find patroling, there are also phantom police. I have done some research on this and found there are some police officers buried there. Really bizarre stuff going on over there. Anyhow, I hope this helps you a bit. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me again. Good luck on your investigation!

My Best,



Group A Summary

We first went to the Hispanic Cemetery, and were given the option of exploring the fields while the other group investigated the mausoleums. We were drawn to a grave of a child that died, named Nicholas. There were toys and teddy bears all around his grave, and we stopped to do some EVPs. Nothing noticeable happened. We continued until the other group alerted us that they had made a find. We walked across the fields, and came to look at a cat that was cut in half. We could not find the other half anywhere nearby. The cat tested at a significantly higher temperature than it's surroundings, and did not look like it had been there awhile. There was no blood or tears around it, so it looked like it had been placed there on purpose. There was no binding, though the cat's paws appeared to be crossed.

From this point, we walked around the perimeter and discovered a large mound of removed Earth. There was a very bad smell that we were unable to identify. We also stumbled upon a sink hole in the far corner. We took our turn inside the mausoleum at this point. We each took our own hallway and tested for EVPs. Nothing to note.

We then went to the Garden of Memories. We took our turn first in the small mausoleum with Stephanie. There was a corner of the room on the left, that tested at 83 degrees, when the rest of the room was testing at 87-88. There was no explanation for this. Also, we potentially caught an orb on camera when interacting with the Barbie doll. This is the video we collected:


In the video, an orb appears over the doll, and then travels left across the screen. There were no flashlights besides the one on the doll. There was also no outside interference that we could figure out. Also, we were unable to find the location of where Stephanie was laid to rest. However, after the fact, we learned that she was laid on the left side, which was where we were catching the colder temperatures.

At this point, we did not know about this, and we left the other group to do their investigation and wandered around the cemetery. We checked out the larger mausoleum, though the doors were locked, there is an open area. We didn't catch anything here, but there are tons of spiders everywhere.

After the other group was finished, we regrouped and went across the street to check out the older section of the Myrtle Hill Cemetery. There are tons of amazing looking crypts, but we did not find anything worth mention. There were a couple potential orbs, but these can all be explained in terms of having dust on the lens or a bug crossing the screen. There were tons of spider webs, everywhere. We each took turns running into these, and the spiders were insane. There are several chairs in the back portion, which is dedicated to the Free Masons. This was interesting, but nothing manifested itself to us.

Group A Conflusion:

The only evidence we were able to collect that would indicate a possible paranormal entity were in the smaller mausoleum in the Garden of Memories. We have all took turns looking at this video and believe that it has to be an orb. Also, the colder temperature has no explanation. There are no vents, and the door was in the other direction. Haunted? Possibly, but not by an evil spirit. Maybe Stephanie's ghost exist, but she deserves your respect. She was a young life taken far too early.

The cat seemed to be an excellent find though. Cats have gone missing all over the United States, and many with the same purposes: ritual. Many times cats are used in curses, with half of an owner's cat being left for them to discover. Finding a cat in a graveyard means something completely different though. I consulted someone who had experience, and explained the situation to her. Below is the email I received in response to my question of what it meant:


It could be brujeria. Im thinking an offering to the dead. That would be consistent with the use of a cat and the hispanic cemetery.

Brujeria is the practice of witchcraft and involves the use of magic to appease and control the gods/spirits specific to the Brujeria religion. Brujeria combines many cultural and ritualistic traditions of ancient Aztec myths, European Witchcraft and Cuban Santeria with the Religious traditions of the Catholic faith.
0x6a656666   posted:1/23/2014 6:07:54 PM  
Finding half a cat on a paranormal investigation...interesting.

As for the barbie doll video, I was unable to make out the orb that you were talking about. At what time does it appear? I understand it's a short video, but uh, I don't see it.
myfirstnameisterry   posted:1/23/2014 8:49:22 PM  

In Reply To:
0x6a656666  posted:1/23/2014 6:07:54 PM  
Finding half a cat on a paranormal investigation...interesting.

As for the barbie doll video, I was unable to make out the orb that you were talking about. At what time does it appear? I understand it's a short video, but uh, I don't see it.
At 8 seconds in, it appears above the doll. Youtube now runs these autocorrect features that make it a lot harder to see anything, because it wants to digitally correct it all.

Also, the video for the Youtube cat is at:


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