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The black-eyed spaceman

tapuout4985   posted:5/18/2010 11:43:10 AM  
This happened just a few days ago at my cousin W's high school graduation.  We were at her party sitting around in a circle in the front of my aunt's house when my cousin L's daughter, O, started talking to us.  At first she started to spit out little factoids about everyone there.  Stuff like: you're diabetic, you drink too much, you snore, etc.  Then she started getting a lot more personal.  She started to talk about things that happened to people way in the past before she was born, started talking about complications our diabetic had, called out one of our family as a criminal who never got caught (turns out she was right).  Then she started making predictions such as when people were going to have to use the bathroom and in what order, who was going to get up to get food and what they were going to eat.  Then my cousin M asked her, "where do you come up with this stuff?"  She responded, "from my mom's new black-eyed boyfriend."  Later she also referred to him as the spaceman and said that he told her everyone will have black-eyes soon.  She said that she could see him in the sky "taller than the elevator" and he would wave at her (this elevator being a very tall grain elevator). 
spiritech0   posted:5/18/2010 12:20:56 PM  
[serious] Give her a high-5 from me and please call Chip Coffey before the bad guys try to nano-kill her powers.[stoopidt]  I'll be in my compound waiting for Ragnarok with my Black Eyed Peas food and music collection.
skywatcher330   posted:5/18/2010 7:23:15 PM  
oh brother

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