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life on earth, warts and all

macros72   posted:4/20/2010 6:19:48 PM  
Were all souls within a complex framework called the human being.This being is our clothing, our display to the world.Were all here with clever and precise planning.So never doubt yourself or another - for it is all meant to be.What ever pains or joys your experience from another person just know that were all part of a  jigsaw.I’m a piece and so are you.Want to know a big secret?You’re the image on the cover of the box.You are the end result of all this searching, finding and placing.Such a puzzle is a painful one at times.You may say, “oh, I`m lost” or “this is too hard”How does it feel when you finish such a puzzle?You feel completion.A completion not possible without the contribution of all other parts.All those souls joining in body’s sooo different to complete their growth.To become that beautiful picture on the cover of that box.

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