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Seeing the paranormal

erysian   posted:6/28/2011 5:02:17 PM  
Here's just an interesting thought. I remember reading somewhere (don't know a specific article, but if anyone knows of one like this, please post link) mentioning that when people see things that they either cannot believe in or understand at all, their brain literally changes it into something familiar or removes it altogether from their sight. This has supposedly shifted the tide in battles or made interesting side stories in invasions, because flying machines (boats, tanks, whatever) were just beyond what the poor viewers could handle. Naturally, this has also come up with regards to the paranormal. Some people just seem unable to see a UFO or ghost etc and either re-interpret it or completely miss it, totally subconsciously.Now, here's the most interesting part. I'm sure if you read paranormal sighting reports you've run across some variant of this line: "I never believed in these things before, until..." So ask yourself, are they a) lieing and did believe before (or lieing about the whole experience)  b) simply able to open their minds when presented with evidence that contradicts their views, and therefore somewhat unusual people or c) not normal humans themselves?
monica1968   posted:6/28/2011 5:56:11 PM  
hmmm a few parts to this ...when i first awoke to the abduction phenomenon literally...during the very first experience i had [that i remembered] there was two incidents that i can recall which maybe similar...when i first "awoke" i was in the living room of a freind that i used to visit 30 odd yrs ago...when i asked why here the room in that instant changed ...it was then a clustrophobic room with stainless steel work surfaces...the next part was when i asked where exactly was i..the reply was the beacon as the word beacon was said my mind at that point [1-2 seconds] conjured a pub that was in the locality of that abduction [its was a pub that my parents visited as i was growing up] called the beacon but again it soon changed to some sort of building slightly rounded and as i came away i could see people moving about through the window but it was pitch black outside...i then woke up in bed...but what i am trying to say the brain trys to find a likeness from the database that it has...so one can only draw on what one knows...until that is something else comes along,...before all this happened i never really thought about any of the abduction thing....in fact i would say i was quite ignorant...i would also say that simply opening ones mind does not actually acheive the desired results...to actually experience a situation is the best way of showing someone that there is indeed a bigger picture....and as for not normal humans well thats about 40% plus....because these people who do the 9-5 jobs and think that having the latest car is the be all and end all are the whats called soul-less beings...yes not everyone has a soul..they can function like you and i but have no awareness of their surroundings or other people or feelings...but maybe they are the normal ones and we are the oddballs lol who knows [ps about the beacon pub it did overlook portsdown hill with all the secret army bases,  and i am now wondering if the name is relevent to all this 
gemini663181   posted:6/30/2011 1:17:01 PM  
Well written Monica!!!!! As usual you are very helpful. There are stories and of course cases of those who dont believe finally admiting to seeing something paranormal. The brain is designed to block out what it cant process to allow the body to continue to function. As with severe pain during massive injury. The brain will cause the body to shut down temporarily which we know as passing out. It not only happens during severe injury to the body but also from intoxication and lack of oxygen. Oddly enough the brain will give the same response from mental anguish as well as extreme fear of harm. Most of the people who are admitting that they had no previous belief in the paranormal but have witnessed or experienced the paranormal are most likely to be believed, verses the believers who are questionable due to their belief. It is and always will be a question as to whether someone has actually experienced the unexplainable. Even in cases where entire crowds of people have witnessed something paranormal someone will say" mass hysteria or hallucination" is to blame. We have video but due to modern technology anyone can manipulate video and still photos. so even in the best case scenario only believers will benefit from proof of the paranormal. Therefore there is a level of ignorance that has worked its way through mankind to protect those that choose to go that route to protect themselves from what they do not understand and even to kill what they do not understand. This is why so many people who have experienced non terrestrial abductions are immediately treated for mental disorders and given medications that actually can cause hallucinations and paranoia. Why do doctors treat paranoia and halucinations with psychtropic medications that actually cause the symptoms that they are meant to treat. Perhaps these methods are instilled in society to keep people from being taken seriously when they find themselves face to face with what we are raised to believe cannot exist!!! There may be some in power who know that these things do exist but believe the general public to be mindless sheep who need to be protected from the truth. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT????

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